Saturday, July 11, 2020

Cafe Cosy Robbed and Vandalised

In what appears to have been a deliberate and targeted crime, Café Cosy was robbed and vandalised, Friday night.

Owner John Bellen states that he was relaxing in his bedroom about eleven o’clock when he heard a commotion.

“I was relaxing in my bedroom about eleven o’clock when I heard a commotion.”

Initially, alerted by the sound of something fragile breaking, Bellen thought its origin was across the alley, in a neighbouring yard. A second crash was clearly from nearer by. It came from the concrete ditch outside the sliding glass door of Bellen’s sitting room, adjacent to Café Cosy’s dining room.

“Someone was smashing the dishes I had there for the use of patrons.”

Thinking that he had human violence with which to contend, Bellen was relieved – and not very surprised – when he turned on the light to illuminate the restaurant and found a gang of robbers at work.

The gang appears to comprise a parent and her three juvenile children. Bellen stated that they may be related to suspects who had visited his café last year, but it was difficult to tell, as in both cases the burglars were masked.

“To be honest,” he said, “I don’t mind them helping themselves to the food. The Café Cosy is open twenty-four hours a day, and we don’t discriminate among customers. We are happy to serve cats, sea gulls, magpies; we’ve even entertained skunks in the past. But some patrons can become rowdy.”

Damage was not extensive, principally a soft-food bowl and a heavy glass water-bowl, the latter not easy to replace. The debris was cleaned up the following morning, and the restaurant open for business as usual.

Police are interested in questioning a female raccoon and her children. Charges may include theft under $25, contributing to the delinquency of minors, malicious damage and gluttony.

It is disheartening, Bellen reported, that the incident occurred despite the employment of new security staff, who were on duty at the time.


  1. What a fun post. lol I'm so happy you really don't mind. I feed everything, too.

  2. Ahh, yes, I see that your new security staff were hard at work. (Or was it - hardly working?)

  3. One of your best-ever posts. 😅

    I think Roberta's take on your security is correct.

  4. Good security i tough to find :)

  5. That's too funny! We can't have our cafe open 24 hours or coyotes and foxes show up...not good for the other customers.

  6. Neville was paid off by the vandals. Tell him to get a good lawyer.

    1. If desired, I have room on my schedule for another client at this time. My rates are competitive. K. Isabella, Attorney at Law

    2. That's right, Katie is taking cases again. Does she give family rates?

    3. She considers the family circumstances when calculating her retainer.

  7. Did they dine and dash as well? Too bad about the dishes and the lax security. Gosh, Neville is cute!

  8. I guess the critters must be hungry too.

  9. HaHa! Brilliant! :).

    AND...A Reporter in the UK stated that
    Raccoons were 'good' to eat..once they
    had been skinned, cleaned thoroughly,
    glands removed etc..
    And..There are thought to be a handful
    of raccoons on the loose in the UK...
    but the danger is that they will breed
    and establish themselves...!
    I'm up for that..!

    And..looks like the security staff is
    taking it ALL lying down..Bless!x

  10. The vandals had heard they have to wear masks, they wore the wrong ones though!. I think security needs extra training.

  11. Neville, I dare say you were simply thinking of your next move after cataloging all the damage and crystal clear descriptions of the vandals for the police report. One does usually contemplate the next move, and I am positive that is what you were doing when Mr Bellen came to ask you what happened.

  12. Hahaha! I love how you tell a story!
    You may need to have a talk with your security team.tee-hee

  13. MOL....yoo needz noo see-cure-it-eee

  14. Looks like a scene from a bar brawl! Broken mugs and tables.
    Too bad the bandits made a clean get away. At least Neville was
    not clobbered from behind with a bar stool. Maybe the heavy
    metal dog bowls will prevent future breakage.

  15. Excellent crime report!
    Security needs to be heightened at Cafe' Cosy, or mayhap a new security firm...
    The PO'M's bowls are often found vandalized too, which is why I purchased a huge lot of them from the thrift store.

  16. Hahahaha this was a great whodunit!

  17. Oh and I say, have a grand British name. Use it to strike awe among those who would be your detractors. Perhaps they have not known, hitherto, of your distinguished antecedents. A subtle reminder may be in order, old boy. Then we will get this slur on your security work dispatched to the nothingness it is.

  18. Well it's good to see, Neville, that you haven't taken this security lapse lying down ..... oh, wait!.... 🤣

  19. this post is absolutely hilarious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!