Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Great White's Way

My cats are indoors-only, though one (ie. Parker) was allowed outside on a harness and leash. But I let a couple roam the corridors of our apartment building, under my strict supervision. Also, while I know that, if it came to it, even the oldest could out-distance me swiftly, I also know my cats and their characters. I wouldn’t trust Neville outside the apartment, but two others are given the privilege.

Renn is not an adventurous fellow though, being of a scientific bent, he is curious, and wants to explore, even if his nerve fails him when given the opportunity.

Josie will go a little farther. She will walk more or less confidently down the corridors and climb stairs. She likes looking out the glass doors at each end of the building. If I hear a door opening anywhere, or someone talking, I am on my Chubs quickly. I don’t think that she will pull a fast one, but I don’t want to give her the chance.

The Great White was on a leash some years ago, but it didn’t appeal to her. I may try it again, to see if her attitude toward it has changed. Until then, she may be permitted the odd ramble inside the building. She never had much desire to widen her horizons, but most people change as they age. My old lady is, apparently, no different.


  1. Good for Josie to get the opportunity to explore a bit with
    supervision. Nice to see she still has the urge to investigate.
    Maybe she'll think the leash is OK now she is a bit older. As long
    as she isn't afraid of soft grass outside. Funny how cats don't
    necessarily like the feel of some different under foot.

  2. josie !!! how eggs citing !!! pleez tell all de nayborz we said HI & N joy yur stroll for uz two with thanx..... we iz a loud in de garage onlee..☺☺☺ but de door iz all wayz down N we due knot haz de keyz two de car sew itza kinda a moot point !! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  3. My cats have always been strictly indoor. I've never had one who wanted to go out except for Ernie. He goes through periods where he is WILD to go out, and will yell and nag me until I give in. So, every now and then, I let him go out to our backyard, while I sit out there to keep an eye on him as he noses around.

    The odd thing is, he's the world's biggest coward. The minute he hears noises he doesn't like, BOOM! he dashes to get back inside. He seems to have a love/hate relationship with the Great Outdoors.

  4. My cats are indoor only cats, but Joey and Alex do like to sneak out and explore the hallway of my apartment building. Joey especially tries to dash out whenever I open the door, especially since a new neighbor recently moved into my building with her cat. Joey is smitten. Ahh young love... Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Joey has been "fixed". I guess he never got the memo!!

  5. It looks like Josie enjoys seeing what is on the other side of the door.

  6. She sure looks cute on her little out n' about!

  7. A little exploring (with supervision) never hurt anyone. :)

    Sasha and Saku both enjoy getting outside, but Sasha ventures just off the deck to eat some grass and after a few blades he heads back indoors. Saku is more adventuresome and always has to be carried back inside...though he doesn't generally fight it.

  8. I bet she enjoyed the change of scenery. Wouldn't it be fun to know what she's thinking while exploring!

  9. I see the distinguished Keeper of the house and its inhabitants, striding within the byways of her home with her chatelaine, seeing to its needs and maintaining order. A redoubtable lady cat and one to be respected.

  10. Aww, you are enriching their lives!
    Both Chuck and Angel hated the harness at first, but after many tries, they got used to it.
    I allowed Manny into Sweetie's apartment this morning; there was hissing and a charge (by Sweetie), but then both lay down at opposite ends of the room, and ignored each other. I'll take it!

    1. Good times in your household! I’ve told people that an absence of blood-letting is a successful integration! Why did you choose Manny to be the one?

  11. Good on you Josie. Miss pops is lucky to be an indoor/outdoor cat. She sticks close to home and doesn't wander away. She sticks close to me when I am home and is most often sleeping now she is 13 and slowing down.

  12. Some cats want to explore more than others. And I had cats in apartments early on. Some wouldn't go near the door or the balcony. Others wanted to "look around". I followed one cat through the hallways between apartments and it seemed to satisfy her.

    Others would grab me with all claws if I held them and just opened the door.

    Since I moved to a house and built a 6' shadowbox fence around it, most of mine have eventually wanted to explore the outside and most have become avid mousers. I allow it when I am certain they "know our yard" after many walks on a harness a few more minutes each day.

    When they respond to "inside" and their name even on a harness, I know they are ready to be around me outside more freely off-harness.