Friday, July 10, 2020

To Catch a Sunrise

I trapped Sunrise this morning.

This handsome, sad-faced orange boy succumbed to Temptations, literally. Previously, I had seen that he had been interested in the sardines with which I had baited the traps, but not interested enough to enter the cages. He may have had some experience of them, if only seeing them in action from afar. Then I recalled what had lured Ambrose, the lost housecat I had recovered, into a trap at last. It had been some candy, in the form of Temptation treats.

Yesterday, with three ferals still to catch at my work-place, I used both Temptations and sardines as bait. The former was placed in the middle of the trap, intended to bring a cat farther in and so trigger the trap. Sunrise, who had been nosing about, went in at some point, ate the treats and left the sardines. Clearly, he was wary of the cage, and not sufficiently enticed by the sardines. Today, I used only the treats. They are small enough so that I was able to place them on a piece of stiff paper actually under the hard mesh ramp that acts as a trigger for the trap’s door. Sunrise could not resist.

I hope to have Sunrise neutered today. It’s possible that he is already fixed; I have never been able to take a good look, though my colleague at work, who feeds the feral colony, says that Sunrise is ready for his surgery. I credit my co-worker with bringing Sunrise to the point at which the orange fellow comes more often for food, and for allowing him to grow accustomed to people. Sunrise doesn’t run when the food is being doled out; indeed, he waits near by. This permitted me to re-orient a trap even as Sunrise was watching me, then to retreat and watch the proceedings.

In the trap, Sunrise did not panic. I wonder if he is only feral by situation, and not behaviour. My thoughts in this regard may be influenced by Sunrise reminding me of Raleigh. He has the same melancholy expression. Part of me regrets having to trap adult feral cats, especially those who have grown to trust, to an extent, the humans who care for them. Capturing kittens or youngsters doesn’t weigh on me as much, for they have not developed any trust. Sunrise is different. But I am hopeful that, like Bijou, Haff and the others who have previously been captured, fixed and returned, Sunrise will see that all ends well. He deserves at least that.


  1. From his photos, I also was wondering if Sunrise is truly feral. I know it sounds weird, but to me, ferals have a "look in their eye" that socialized cats don't.

    As a side note, I've yet to meet a cat that wasn't addicted to treats. (Mine favor Friskies Party Mix.) I've occasionally speculated that the companies add heroin to them.

    1. It doesn't sound weird to me that feral cats would have a certain look to them. Sunrise looks resigned, if anything; merely awaiting his fate. I hope to find out more about him after his surgery.

  2. Well done! The sad look definitely tugs at the heart. If he's not really feral, can anyone (and I don't mean you) take him in to foster him? Even if not, his life will be so much better for the neutering.

  3. Ah! Bless! Mind you if l was a cat,
    l'd fall for a cage/trap..why?
    Cos l love sardines..! :). HeHe! :).

  4. He really is a handsome one, lots of orange goodness there.

  5. de best oh fishez N mice creem in dizhez two ewe sunrise...pleez due knot bee feer full N pleez noe everee one ther iz tryin ta help....trooth dood...catz due knot lie ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  6. Sunrise does look more resigned than feral. Maybe he was abandoned at some time.

  7. I agree with the others that Sunrise may not be feral - he seems to be too calm for a feral. Perhaps he once had a home and either wandered off or was left to fend for himself. If it is determined that he is socialized, it would be terrific if a foster parent could be found for him. I think Kea is right - his life would be so much better if he could be taken off the streets.

  8. Seeing a face that looks like that would affect me a lot. Seeing or even learning of cats in trouble, or seeing a look of sadness and resignation pulls my heartstrings.

  9. Another pale orange cat. He looks confused for sure. But being neutered
    will certainly be the best for the colony. And once the shock of being
    captured and released has worn off, the cats will be as used to humans
    as they were previously. Good job for you and your collegue.

  10. Handsome boy! I hope things go well for him and he learns that the trust hasn't been broken permanently.