Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Enemy is Always at Our Gates

There seems always to be something threatening my cats’ health. It is an on-going war against disease, injury and various uncategorized conditions. Battles are won and lost but there is no peace. At best, there is a cold war.

And, on the subject of ‘cold’, Tucker’s is, at last, more gone than present. He sounded quite bad for a couple of days, gurgling and snurggling, snotty and grotty. I thought he must live with George Jefferson, because he was wheezy. Fortunately, he never lost his appetite and, being my roly poly, he kept purring, his tail mostly up, through the worst of it. He would have sneezing fits and, if I was at home, I would pet him and try to calm him; that seemed to help. The malady is on its way out, but the scrape on Tucker’s nose is not healing, probably because, as I have witnessed, he keeps rubbing his face. I know the tingling that comes with a sneezy nose myself. Plying him with Lysine to fight the cold has reverted to giving him fish oil, alternating with Restoralax to keep him regular. And, of course, he continues his course of insulin.

Josie too is receiving Restoralax thrice a week. I realised a few weeks ago that I had not seen evidence of her solid waste deposits lately, so I began giving her small amounts of laxative. It softens stools, too, and at her age, a little help with her regularity won’t hurt. Indeed, I believe it has been having beneficial effects. But my old lady is starting a new medicine. I watched with wistfulness as she seemed somewhat frail compared to how she had been, slower moving. Though Josie is in very good health for her age, and actually moves rather spryly, her efforts seemed to be a little greater than formerly. There was no specific concern, but I thought a little assistance with joints and bones would not be amiss. She now receives joint-medicine on the days when she doesn’t get Restoralax. The new concoction’s taste is clearly not to her liking, as she hurries to a water-bowl immediately after its delivery, but hopefully its effects are more enjoyable.

I recently reduced Neville’s insulin dosage. His last curve started rather low (14.5) and fell to 3.2, which is too low. Based on this, and surveillance of his behaviour, I decided to decrease the amount of insulin he receives from three units twice a day to two. This may be too much of a diminution; I will determine its effects with another curve in a month’s time. I dislike the idea that the Nevsky may have to go up again, even by half a unit, but practical application of a change is really the only test of its efficacy. Diabetes is a tricky condition; each patient’s case is different. Tucker receives less insulin than Nev, and his numbers are consistently higher. Yet the roly poly’s clinical symptoms, such as the strength of his nether parts, are good, as are his curves. There is more to consider than the numbers, though these are a good guide. They will guide me in Neville’s case in three or four weeks.

Lastly, there is Renn. My big boy continues to be in good health. At thirteen, he remains active and strong; I hope this is not deceptive. All signs, however, point to things being good and untroubled with him.

All recent attacks made against my beasts have been repulsed; the defences have been repaired and manned. We are enjoying a respite, for the moment, but our spies are ever-vigilant and the citizenry stand ready. We can never relax, it seems, for the enemy is always at our gates.


  1. They are luck you have you as their defender!

  2. Oh my, what a handful you have there. 4 wonderful cats, each with his or
    her own specialized needs. So, John, do you need an aspirin for yourself
    and a refrigerator chart to keep track of the schedule for all? As long
    as the kitties see the relief they need, you can feel confident it
    is worth every gray hair you may get.

    1. I think if I write it down anywhere, it will confuse me...

    2. I've wondered much the same thing! I think I'd need a computer program to keep tabs of it all.

      John, since you hadn't mentioned Tucker's cold in a while, I hoped that meant it had gone. But at least it's finally on the way out.

  3. wheezy !!! ☺☺☺ good one ~~~~

    guyz....ya knead ta rememburr ta cut dad sum slax... { anda werk tie if he has ta wear em } ☺☺☺ even tho we might a said thiz bee prob ablee forgetted ta menshun it...

    catfather; we NEW ewe could kick azz on de cold....any one that can take down a 784 pound bass terd turkee can take down any thing....

    with continmewed best fishez two all, may bee renn kneadz ta share his sekrit !! :) ☺☺♥♥

  4. It sounds like the "troops" are rallying, and that's good news. Your George Jefferson comment was LOL funny. I liked Lynn's idea to have a refrigerator chart. (I use post-it notes on the bathroom wall to keep track of my cats' meds.)

  5. They are lucky to have you to help them through these health issues.

  6. Had to smile at your sayin g you might get confused if you write to down! I think I know what you mean. It's been since Admiral that I gave many meds...she was a sick girl. I didn't write it either.

  7. I laughed at the Wheezy reference; haven't thought of that program in many years.

    Glad to hear things have settled down, at least for the time being. As Brian said, the cats are lucky to have you.

  8. You are a good doctor and caretaker (or should I say slave) to your fur family! Sounds like you have everything under control. I found it difficult to take care of one sick pet let alone four!! Enjoyed seeing photos of them all, they look quite content.

    1. Fortunately, they're not really sick, though three do have health issues. Poor Raleigh and Cammie were my tough cases. Looking back on them, though, they weren't much trouble.

  9. The enemy at the gates..
    Yes! Unfortunately it also applies
    to ALL of us, that's one thing for
    sure..after life..there is the 'D' the meantime, as long as
    we can find people to look after us,
    like yourself John..we can put off
    the 'D' word a bit longer..! :).

  10. I am glad the cold is on it's way out and everything is going well. *touch wood*

  11. Your felines have a knight in shining armour, John...YOU!

  12. "Wheezy". LOL. I get it.

    My best thoughts to you and the cats and glad to read that things are at least stable. I know it won't last, but "sufficient unto the day"...