Thursday, July 23, 2020

Tickets Purchased, Rooms Reserved

I received some good news yesterday. My delayed holidays have been scheduled at last, and I hope to have them at the start of September. They will be two weeks long, rather than the three, due to a number of people in my department at work being away for so long. I have already taken a week off, and did not find it very relaxing (which is why I always try to have all three of my weeks off at once.) But the two remaining, taken together, should be a relief.

My plans are already formulated - the benefits of a good imagination. I will be taking a sleeper on the night-train to Idylland, arriving the afternoon of the day following my departure.

I will stay for the night, possibly for two, at the Hotel Splendide, in Idylltown, where the staff retain fond memories of Mr Parker…

Then I will head to Verdureland, the expansive province of forest and glade, stream and meadow between the capital and the Borea Mountains, to the north. I have rented a tiny cottage in the valley of the Catsbourne River, where I will take my fortnight’s ease.

This is the plan, anyway. Its manifestation is a month and more away, so there is plenty of time for disarrangement.

In this year, when too many have lost too much, I am grateful to have a job at all. However, except for the newest employee, I am the only one in my department who has not had lengthy time off - my supervisor is on very extended sick leave, another colleague is on disability leave, two others were given enforced time off, twice, isolating themselves for safety’s sake - so I am looking forward with enjoyment to a holiday for myself. I will keep everyone apprised of any developments but, considering my destination, my itinerary should remain constant, even in the uncertain world of reality.


  1. I'm so glad you have your vacation time confirmed. Something to look forward to! :-)

  2. Ah, good to hear your annual trip to Idylland is on. Whenever I vacation there, I fancy going to my hometown in Northern CA, which is still to me the closest thing to Paradise on this planet.

    [And, yes, this is a bit of an upgrade on the home we lived in. If you're going to dream a holiday, dream big.]

  3. enjoy the time off john, well deserved it is indeed. I like to complain about this place of employ; ALL THE TIME, yet I am grateful, as you, for the paycheck....too many without, too many
    will never go back. make sure to send us a postcard via blogland when you get to the cottage !! ☺☺♥♥

  4. Glad to hear you'll get your break, it seems a long time in coming and I'm sure it will be over quickly. But you have a good imagination and will enjoy your time.

  5. Glad to hear you have your vacation planned! Hope it is full of relaxation and stress-free!

  6. I'm so glad to hear your trip to Idylland has been confirmed. It sounds terrific and it's well deserved.

  7. I am glad your holiday has been confirmed and hope you get the peace and relaxation you need.

  8. Funny, working from home is like a prolonged staycation, but I'll take a two-week trip to Idylland in a heartbeat!
    It's hard when the whole department depends upon YOU to carry their weight...

  9. Hang on! Hang on! Am l missing out here...
    Are my little grey cells not working...
    But! What about the puddy~tats...?
    Poor old Neville won't be able to sit on
    top the tree for two weeks..! :).
    Goodness! This will worry me for the
    rest of the day now..! :(.

    1. The cats will of course come with me. Animals travel free of charge in Idylland.

  10. Hope you get to enjoy your vacation!

  11. OH! You will love your accommodations, I can well see! I know you are already familiar with them, having been there before on holiday. You chose well I think, and I can only imagine how eager you are to start away on your trip. The sleeper train looks so comfortable. I believe I would love a cross country trip on that train. Perhaps the next time you take all three weeks at once, you can at least move several provinces over in your travel, as those are almost luxurious accommodations making that trip with ease and comfort. And having personal service with the living quarters as you travel and a made for dreams cottage waiting for you...oh, I envy you. I must think of when and how for myself as well.

  12. Certainly don't want to make time fly faster than it already does, but
    I hope the next 5 or 6 weeks go smoothly and quickly. As you refine and
    redefine your vacation plot and plan. In case better accommodations
    come into view. The Orient Express train maybe. Rest up will be
    a welcome relief from the past 5 months of strain.