Thursday, July 2, 2020

July's First Kitten

This is Shasta. He’s the second of the four kittens I have to capture at my work-place. He fancied some sardines for breakfast, but realised he was trapped before he ate. Much more exuberant in his efforts to escape than was his sister, Fanta, he is calm now and awaiting his fate, which, I hope, will be a neutering today. (I am guessing that he is a boy.)

After two days of heavy, uncharacteristic rain in our part of the country, and then the Canada Day holiday, I was hoping for some luck with trapping. Shasta has provided it. There are two more little ones to catch, and two adults. I don’t know how fortune will smile upon me with the adults, but the kittens are a grey one and a fourth who is either grey-and-black or white-and-black. Either way, the little black dot on Shasta’s nose should differentiate him from a similarly-hued sibling.

This is a good start to July.


  1. That was a good catch and a darn cute one too!

  2. Pussy~cats certainly don't like those
    baskets or cages do they..!
    When l came back to this country in
    73..first pussy~cat l had was a pure
    white cat called Darlinga..she hated
    the wicker basket, for visits to the
    vet..I had the put the open basket
    on the table or sofa in another room,
    pick her up, make a fuss of her, and
    slowly cover her head/eyes with my
    hand, walk up to the basket and shove
    her in quickly, closing the door behind
    her...she did win occasionally, and get out
    before l closed the door..great fun having
    a pussy~cat..Bless!

  3. I hope it continues to go there will be no more babies from that group.

  4. Shasta is so cute!! Congratulations on a great catch! Here's hoping the remaining 4 cats will soon be caught. You're doing a fantastic job, John.

  5. Excellent! Hope your winning streak continues.

  6. He's a cutie! Well done, good luck to him re: the neutering. ♥

  7. best fishes with the continued TNR ♥♥♥

    and catfather & crew; we hope ewe all haza awesum week oh bee a three day one heer de gurl said, what ever that meenz !! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  8. Well done on trapping a second kitten! Hopefully the others will soon follow.

  9. Such a cutie- glad you caught him.

  10. That's wonderful! I sure hope the others are as accommodating.

  11. Sardines are always a good bait; concats on catching this kitten, and good luck on the others!
    Keep us informed, please!

  12. Just scrolling to~days paper John..
    This was in it....

  13. Great luck getting Shasta. The polka dot nose is a cute "birth mark".
    So many cats to catch and to remember what each one looks like!
    Our rain has come to an abrupt end after 3 months, and now hot and
    humid. Summer has come in with July. I hope you have the time and
    weather to catch the rest. It is quite an undertaking.