Sunday, October 24, 2021

Overturned Fun

Hector is a typical cat in that he loves boxes. This one is a favourite of both the new boy and Portia. They take turns using it; whoever gets to it first has his or her turn. Though Po will scrabble in it, especially during one of our play-sessions, trying to grab a shoe-string, Hec will use it as a springboard for a sudden rush, or to jump into or as an arena for combat with a fuzzy mouse. This time, however, he managed to overturn it.

Evidently, it’s just as much fun upside down.


  1. I love that cat! Saku was much like him as a kitten. He still his boxes but his play has slowed down in the past few years.

  2. Hector is a real character. His antics never fail to give me a laugh and brighten my day.

  3. Way to go, Hector! Every day is Boxing Day, right? :)

  4. What is it with cats and boxes...?
    Much the same as kids at Christmas..
    Kids like nothing else than to get into
    a nice large box to hide, or drive like
    a tank or car..
    And pussy~cats are so funny, they think
    there hiding in the box..but very forgetful
    of there tails..! :)

  5. It's always great fun watching a cat play. Seems like Hector is doing a good job of peekaboo with that box.

  6. Silly boy! We're glad he's having so much fun! :-)

  7. Hector, you get there most from every moment! I wonder if Portia will play WITH you in the box..or, under it I should say. It would be fun to have a playmate.

  8. I love cats and boxes! Who needs expensive toys when a simple box will do :-)

  9. Oh that is so adorable! For the cats, not for you who has to clean it all up and put it away so they can dump it again. MOL

  10. time...aim left for de scattered kibble eefex ....then aim right for waterin de carpit time !! :) ☺☺♥♥

  11. You go Hector!
    Now you have a whole 'nother way to use your box:)

  12. Boxes and cats, cats and for the whole family!

  13. Replies
    1. I think he was surprised (embarrassed?) to find me watching.