Sunday, March 27, 2022

He Should Be Called Visa

Hector has not been as seriously affected as I had feared by Auric’s move to a new home. He does not seem more bored by his lack of a playmate – though I am sure he is feeling Auric’s absence – and keeps himself occupied by running about, annoying Renn and Neville and watching Minuet more.

He also has attached himself more firmly, or perhaps just more often, to me. He always liked to rub up against me, and spend time where I was. Now, it happens more frequently, and he follows me on a number of my chores.

The trouble with that is that Hector’s shadowing has a time-lag to it. When I walk to the right, he follows, but late enough still to be going right when I turn left. He will follow closely enough so that there is no room for moving to one side or the other without first bumping into him. And preparing something in the kitchen usually involves gently moving a horizontal black cat aside with my foot, as if he were a furry broom-head.

These characteristics are more pronounced when I need to do something. It’s as if Hec feels he needs to accompany me in ‘real-time’, as it were, but lacks the foresight to know precisely what I intend to do from second to second. He becomes, therefore, an impediment.

I know this is a temporary trait, but for right now, I feel like he should be called Visa, because he’s “everywhere I want to be.”


  1. Oh dear, oh dear!
    Hector is trying out his dance moves, but his partner is dancing something else!

  2. I guess you are just a larger version of Auric for Hector. I get the
    dance of the cat at 5:30 every morning. In the dark as I feel my way
    down the hall to turn up the furnace and start on the first of the
    small handouts for Precious. She dances in and out of my feet and
    ankles as I try to balance against the wall. I'm not ready for the
    brilliant overhead light to come on yet. And a dark grey cat in the
    dark of the morning is not a good mix. Your active feet will be a
    dance of their own for "Visa".

  3. When l first saw the word..Visa..l thought
    of the credit card visa..maybe Hector has
    his own finances now! :).
    He's keeping an eye on you John..Bless him!x
    PS..He looks lovely!

  4. seems that Hector is a typical cat and loves getting attention. Just please be careful, John, that he doesn't get underfoot and inadvertently cause you to trip and fall.

  5. I think dear Hector really loves you and needs to know where you are.

  6. Sweet Hector just needs love and comfort right now.

  7. I loved that comment about Visa. And as Brian said, he just needs your love and comfort. He does miss Auric more than he told you. He's lonely for his friend.

  8. I agree with the others. I think Hector is a little lonely. The other cats ignore him but he knows that by being by your side he has companionship!
    He's quite handsome posing on those steps :-)

  9. It's an adjustment period for him and I'm sure he will make changes as time goes on. Dear Hector.

  10. I wonder if he's worried about Auric suddenly disappearing from the apartment. Maybe he's clinging to you more because he's feeling insecure right now.

  11. Maybe if you Velcro Hector to your leg, he'll not get in the way cause he'll be moving at the same pace and in real time with you...nah...not the best idea, eh??! LOL!

    It must be cat speak body language for I love you and I need to keep you close so you do not escape.