Saturday, March 19, 2022

The Rolling River Shore

Auric was delivered to his new home yesterday. I have heard nothing yet of his reaction, though anything he does will not be typical of his response to his new environment anyway, at this stage. I don’t imagine that he will have difficulty adjusting.

In the meantime, though, there have been adjustments in the Cosy Apartment. Whenever a cat leaves me, whether through death or adoption, the routine seems easier, simpler. That makes sense, with fewer cats, but some will have required more attention than others, if they are sick or, in Auric’s case, young and forever curious. With him, I was always thinking, ‘Where is he? What’s he doing? What’s he into?’ If things were quiet, I would go and investigate.

But there is also an effect on the cats, as well. Specifically, there appears to be a change in Minuet. She appears to sense that the most intrusive feline is gone. Auric was going into the library repeatedly over the last week. On the one hand, Minuet must grow more used to her roommates; on the other, Auric could be quite forward in his acquaintance, not taking into account others’ requirements or desires.

I decided, upon Auric’s departure, to leave the library door open at night. Last night was the first trial of that new policy (literally, an ‘open-door’ policy) and, except for one mild screech when, I think, Min encountered Neville while exploring, all was quiet. But today, she was out of the library frequently. The remaining boys are much less likely to instigate meetings; Madame appreciates this. Her protests at seeing another cat are less vociferous. Hector hurriedly backed away when Min warned him from her proximity in the morning, but, later, she was content to allow him to remain in her presence, a few harsh barks sufficing to register her complaint. I think this may be the beginning of a relationship similar to that which Cammie had with the others: a grumbling co-existence, reinforced by periodic screams of indignation.

We at the Cosy Apartment can live with that.


  1. To be honest the tolerance of your cats to the comings and goings of the fosters and occasional permacat is amazing to me. I can't even imagine bringing another cat into the house with Saku. Sasha was always the tolerant one and as long as the new cat stuck close to him (and they always did with the exception of Saku) they were fine.

    Good luck to little Auric and it seems Minuet is finding her place in the Cosy Apartment very well.

  2. Good luck to Auric in his new home. I'll look forward to hearing how he settles in. Meanwhile, I think in no time Minuet will show the other cats just who is boss. I love the bottom picture. It looks like she's saying, "Don't even think about it!"

  3. You do a great job of adjusting your companions to each new arrival and departure. I don't know if my heart could handle the losses.

  4. Hope Auric settles o.k. New home,
    new experience..Bless!x
    HeHe! Look at that expression at
    the bottom there..! :).

  5. The female is usually the boss, and it sounds like Minuet will have no nonsense from the boys. I hope Auric is happy in his new home.

  6. The good news for Auric may also be good news for Minuet. It sounds as though the girl is gaining ground for herself. I'm sure though that Hector is a bit lonely for his young playmate. Renn looks thoughtfully handsome tearing down over your desk.

  7. Based on Minuet's expression in that photo, NO ONE would dare mess with her! :-D

    I echo "Saku's" comment about the tolerance of your cats and their ability to adjust as others come and ago. I still remember how awful it was with Nicki and Annie and how my own stress over it added, in a negative way, to the situation.

    As for Auric, I do hope you will get an update sooner than later, and be able to tell us how he has settled in!

  8. Sounds like the cosy apt has settled down with the tornado (Auric) gone! I hope he does well at his new home. I feel bad for Hector losing his playmate.
    Renn looks so cute peering down from the cat tree.
    Hoping you are enjoying a peaceful weekend!

    1. I'm trying to give Hec extra attention; he seems to want it, too.

  9. I love Minuet's expression there and I for one would not DARE to trespass! Poor Hector though, bless his heart. He misses his mate.

  10. Minuet reminds me so much of my late Lucy. She was a tiny little thing with that exact imperious stare. My other cats quickly learned to treat her with respect.

  11. I am hoping for the very best in regards to Auric, but I'll miss his presence. He was such a lovely cat. Minuet has, as her right as an elder, set the tone, and I think the others will stay in their lanes!

  12. I agree, your crew really does a grand job with the comings and goings!

  13. Yay fr Auric. We do hope he does well in his new home. Glad Minuet is feeling a little more secure now.

  14. This new 'order' seems to be working out pretty good.
    I had to smile at that 'don't you dare' look that Minuet is showing off to her housemates:)