Thursday, February 22, 2024

Health Addendum: Neville Surprises

There was an interesting turn of events regarding Neville yesterday.

As you may recall, he had a swelling on his lip, for which he was given various anti-biotics, including one injected into him that should have solved the problem. It did not. Instead, I noticed, several days ago, a kind of growth near that swelling; it was in Neville’s gums and looked long, rough and brown. I made an appointment for the doctor, but it would not be until next Tuesday. I called the hospital to which Renn goes (different than Nev’s because the latter is a foster-cat). They too could see us next Tuesday at the earliest, though they called an hour later and told me that a cancellation gave me an opportunity to bring the Nevsky in at two o’clock that afternoon. I was lucky enough to see the same veterinary Renn sees, someone of whom I’ve always had a high opinion.

She thought the growth resembled a decayed tooth. I recalled that when Neville’s teeth were taken out a year and a half ago, some were left in place because their removal would risk damaging his jaw. This growth may have been one of them. In any case, it was sore to the touch, as it had caused infection. The doctor contemplated sedating my lion to remove the tooth (if that’s what it was), though sedation has its risks for an older cat, especially one who’s diabetes is resistant to insulin. But she then decided simply to try pulling the object; she and an assistant were able to achieve this. It did indeed resemble a tooth.

As for the swelling, there was indeed some inflammation but that was likely caused by the bad tooth. The original swelling, which started all of this was, this doctor explained, not any kind of infection, but a natural protuberance that some cats develop on their lips as they age. Neville had another, rather differently shaped, on the other side of his mouth. That it was a natural part of his lips would explain why anti-biotics had no effect on it. (Though the medicine probably did help fight the infection instigated by the bad tooth.)

The veterinary also felt the flattish lump on Neville’s side and concluded that it is probably simple lipoma. With the growth in Nev’s mouth, though, I feared it might be cancer, and linked in some way to the new trouble.

So, the problem that I had noticed weeks ago (the swelling) was not a problem, but led to the notice of something else, which was a problem (the bad tooth) which has now been removed. The spot in the gums was flushed with water and, though it might have hurt last night, due to the pulling of the tooth, such discomfort will pass quickly, certainly faster than that caused by the rotten tooth. I will of course keep watch on that location in Neville’s mouth. It bled some last night, but it should heal normally.

So much depends on the doctor one chooses - or happens to be given by circumstances. Their experience and training, as well as their rapport with the client and his pet, count for much. We are lucky in our town to have numerous hospitals for our pets, though there are not enough veterinaries, and their schedules are usually crowded. But the notion of a second opinion is a valid one, and I am glad I was able to have one given for Neville in this instance.


  1. Well! So it turned out Neville needed the antibiotics after all, just not for the reason you thought. The whole story was complex enough for a Russian novel, but, unlike a Russian novel, at least it ended happily.

    As a side note, it's so fortunate that you have found a vet you like. A really good vet is very hard to find, at least in my area.

  2. Phew! You and Neville, got there in the end...
    Well, at least somewhere that will help him,
    hopefully in the long run...I have a soft spot
    for Neville, why? HeHe! Don't know..just have!
    Hang in there bro...Bless you Neville....!x

  3. This event turned out well for Neville, going to Renn's doctor and finding an answer to asked questions. Now for him to relax and eat well and keep you from pulling your hair out, instead of his teeth.

  4. Dearest John,
    That no doubt gave you lots of relieve!
    Neville will soon heal from his tooth extraction and he no doubt will sense that he finally got understood.
    Mariette + Kitties

  5. Wow! This was an unexpected but welcome turn of events! I hope Neville heals quickly and this resolves it all (as it seems it will).

  6. I am so glad Neville has had a resolution to the on-going problem. Thank goodness for the second Veterinarian.

  7. I sure hope that is the end of the mysterious and troublesome mouth swellings. How nice that you were able to see a vet who knew Neville. That was a big bonus, esp when you have an urgently needed appointment at the spur of the moment .

  8. I am glad that the second opinion found the root of the matter. (No pun intended but it works well!) I hope he makes a good recovery, and will surely feel happier without that tooth.

  9. Ugh, nothing worse than a bad toofs, especially for a cat.
    Purrs that Nevsky feels terrific shortly!

  10. Well done to that vet. We hope Mr Neville can now relax and find some sunbeams to rest in.

  11. A rotten tooth isn't plesant, now that it is gone I hoe he starts to feel better

  12. Good news ! Hope Nev has a vet-free time for now !

  13. Glad the mystery was solved and is fixable.

  14. Shakespeare wrote a play about it - All is well that ends well! I'm so glad you didn't give up and got a second opinion. When I worked in Pediatrics we wold say - If the parent says there's something wrong, listen, there's something wrong. It seems the same is true for veterinary medicine.

  15. yeow dood…that waz a day we noe ewe wood soon like ta forgetz
    but we iz glad that second opinionz got rid oh de tooth and gave
    dad sum peace in hiz mind bout de side lump…blessingz all wayz
    buddy 💙🐟😺

  16. We're so glad this seems to have turned out well for Neville. We hope he's all healed up real soon.

  17. I'm glad that this vet identified the issue and took care of the rotten tooth. I bet Neville is even more pleased.