Saturday, February 24, 2024

Of Bowls and Other Vessels

Not much new to report today, which is just as well, considering the veterinary activity that has been prevalent here. But I would like to thank those who, during Neville’s problem with his alleged lip-swelling, suggested ridding my cupboards of plastic bowls.

I think that’s a good idea. I have heard this advice before. For some reason, plastic, no matter how well-washed, seems to retain bacteria of some sort. These appear enough to create irritations of various kinds. However, I use only ceramic and glass bowls, with smaller ones of metal – though I have utilised plastic bowls for certain occasions (such as when there are extra cats to feed), if only for short periods. My current four eat and drink from non-plastic vessels, so I wondered how that material could have contributed to Neville’s problem. The fact that he didn’t have such a problem answered that riddle.

Thank you again to all the well-wishers out there. While some suggestions are not always practicable here, please keep on making them if and when they occur to you. I’ve learned much on the Cat Blogosphere, and the world can’t have too many ideas exchanged.


  1. I originally fed Eric and Flynn from plastic bowls because it was what I had always done. Flynn developed eczema on his chin and I assumed it was from his frequent rubbing outdoors to mark his territory. I then read that plastic bowls can cause problems, probably on the cat blogosphere so changed them both to ceramic bowls. Within a few weeks his sore chin had cleared up! Although it didn't apply to you in this case, I realised how much we can learn from fellow bloggers.
    I hope Neville continues to do well.

  2. True, I learn so much from other cat bloggers. Thinks aren't always good for here either but when they are it's great!

  3. It's interesting to hear that plastic bowls aren't good for the cats feeding bowls. I don't think I've ever used anything other than metal or ceramic dishes but it is something to think about just in case.

  4. MY loved Robin, the tiny Tortie who brought up her human brothers, developed chin acne as it's called and so did Admiral because I had no idea until getting Cat Fancy had an article regarding that affliction, and I threw away the plastic dishes for always. Just porcelain or ceramics now.

  5. Years ago, my Marc had a problem with "feline acne". Once I stopped using plastic bowls, the problem quickly cleared up. I agree with Brian - I've learned so much from reading cat blogs.

  6. Dearest John,
    It is always good to learn from each other.
    Exchange of ideas is the best.
    Wishing all your kitties well.
    Mariette + Kitties

  7. We'd learned the plastic vs. ceramic/glass when Chuck and Angel joined the family, but the change came when we'd discovered whisker fatigue.
    'Antique' Corning Sidekicks are purrfect (if some cat...ahem...*Manny* always manages to push a bit over the side.
    The Hubby likes how they clean up, and they are almost indestructible.
    Used to find them at resale shops for $1 each; but that was years ago.

  8. Over the years, I've picked up a lot of useful information from you and the commenters. A while ago, you mentioned that you use the "World's Best Cat Litter." I've never been really happy with any of the litters I've used, so I gave it a shot. It actually lives up to its title, so a belated thank you!

  9. Plastic isn't alway the best way to go with many things

  10. I used to use plastic, bowls given to me in a new kitty package!! But I got rid of them and now use stainless steel or ceramic, even for the dogs!

    I have learned a lot over the years, yes, from bloggers and before that on Dogster/Catster.