Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Josie Defies Gravity

Lest you feel, after reading about Josie’s bad experiences with digestion, that my Chubs’s life has taken a turn down a poor road, let me share with you this bit of folly.

Josie, despite having one of the least kittenish appearances, does have a playful streak in her. She will enjoy a short, sharp session with a string-toy, or even just a string, and has been seen playing by herself once in a while. Then, if no one is watching, she may act just plain silly.

Here she is amusing herself by trying to walk on a wall. She had been moving her forelegs before I took the photograph, and I think in the second picture she may actually be trying to persuade me that she is defying gravity. It seemed best to tell her that it was indeed an astonishing power of which she was possessed...


  1. If she starts tap dancing up the wall and on the ceiling, well, that really will be something. Haha.

    I hope her tummy is settled today. Derry sometimes will eat too quickly, on a too-empty stomach, and then throw everything back up in short order. Projectile kitty barf. I'm waiting for the new area rug to be christened. :-/

  2. Wall walking is lots of fun here! Thanks for the well wishes, I appreciate them and I appreciate you!

  3. Good job Josie, walking on the wall. We haven't accomplished that yet. We like that idea. Take care.