Monday, October 28, 2013

Bad News for Bear-Bear

Bear-Bear has been seeing the inside of an animal hospital quite a bit recently, and will see still more in the weeks to come. He is suffering from a severe problem.

I had reported earlier that the BB was anaemic. His red blood cells are dying and not being replaced. His doctor thinks that there are two probable causes for this. One is cancer. The other is that his own body’s immune system is attacking the red blood cells, thinking that they are a disease. Bear-Bear will be receiving doses of a medicine called prednisone, which suppresses the immune system and may allow his red blood cells to regenerate. This will leave him more open to other illnesses, but at the moment, that is the lesser of two evils.

The prednisone came originally in pill form. Unfortunately, Bear-Bear is not like Tucker. That roly poly sits on my lap like a baby and takes his medicine with little fuss. He gives me a look of suffering, locks his jaws and does little else. A little baby martyr. Bear-Bear is different. He resists. He doesn’t fight or scratch; the BB is too good-natured for such things. He does, however, spit the pills out, something at which he is very good. So, he will be getting the Tungsten treatment: medicine in cream form to be rubbed in his ears.

He will then be tested once a week for a month. If his red blood cells have a resurgence, then his recovery is a possibility, with the help of medicine. If they don’t, then he will likely have cancer.

I am told the odds are that it is indeed a case of cancer, in which case, there would be no help for it, and he won’t survive long.

Whatever the outcome of his tests, he will continue to reside with me. If he is suffering from cancer, he will remain for the rest of his life. I don’t mind keeping him with me. I’ve grown attached to the long-cat, and if his last days are few, then I would like him to spend them with me. Since he was lost or abandoned - we’ll never know which - my house has been the most enduring home he’s known. He thinks he’s here to stay. But then, even when it’s time for the BB to go, he’ll stay with me.


  1. Oh, no, poor Bear-Bear, poor sweetheart. Please give him a cuddle and kiss from me and know the boys are sending their purrs. I'm glad he made his way to your home, no matter what happens.

  2. I am so sorry.
    He is so sweet and now knows what love is.
    Thank you for taking care of him.

    JC and The Purr Gang

  3. oh....we hope it isn't anything terrible. we will be sending purrs

  4. I am so sorry to hear of BearBear's illness and hope the Prednisone helps. I do so hope it is not cancer, but if the news is the worst, it is good to know that he has a loving and caring home with you. He is a handsome boy, but I do have an extra soft spot for ginger and white boys.

  5. We're sorry to hear that Bear-Bear is not well. We the medicine helps him. We are purring for him and hope it is not cancer.

  6. Oh poor Bear-Bear. My heart aches for the both of you, and I'm hoping it won't be cancer. But if it turns out to be I am grateful that Bear-Bear will live his remaining days in your care.

    Bless you both!

  7. My cat Lucky had some what the same thing. The red cells went away and they gave him a steroid shot once a month and we did that for a year or more and he is fine now, so don't give up. Lucky is doing fine now
    So we hope that Bear Bear does all right too. Keep us posted.

  8. Oh Dear Bear-Bear. I do hope this medication does work. He is such a sweet fellow with a loving home. from Jessica and Eileen

  9. Ah your story touched me so much Bear Bear.My 10 yr old Feline Baby is going through the same thing.Cancer is very uncommon in older CATS My vet told me so hang on in there.thoughts are with you both.