Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Renn Welcomes Autumn

This story may be considered a companion piece to one I wrote last week about the changing leaves on the trees in my town. The leaves are turning colour on my property now. I have four big trees on my back lawn, and each spring they come into leaf in a counter-clockwise order. The tree on the right, as you are looking at them, sprouts leaves first, to be followed by the one on its left and so on. In the autumn, the order is reversed, and the leaves change colour and fall in a clockwise direction. The tree on the farthest left is now almost bare, while that on the far right is still verdant.

My cats watch the leaves descend to the ground, of course, but none watches them with the intensity of Renn. My big boy is, as you may know, somewhat of a scientist. Everything is grist for his mill of observation, and over the weekend, when breezes stirred the boughs of the trees, the leaves fell continuously. Renn’s head jerked from leaf to leaf as he grappled with the meaning of this phenomenon. I like to think that he understood what was occurring, perhaps with a recollection of previous years’ autumns. Certainly his, and his roommates’, behaviour is changing, adjusting to the cooler temperatures. The fact that this week is actually quite warm doesn’t affect this, any more than it does the changing hues of the trees.

Each day brings something new for Renn to wonder about, to study. My big boy is a perpetual scholar, always learning from the world about him. One day, when we’ve both moved on to another place, he may tell me all the things he’s come to know during his life. What a conversation it will be.


  1. Oh Rnnn, good for you to keep track of those falling leaves. It is pretty darn interesting, that is for sure. You are such a handsome boy.

  2. He is certainly enthralled with what is happening outside, isn't he? I do hope you get to have the conversation some day.

  3. Lots of things going on this season! Thank you so much for your thoughtful words on Lacci's passing. It was very much appreciated.

  4. I am sure that the falling leaves bring back memories of the previous Fall for Renn. Flynn's behaviour is also changing. Through the summer he likes to sleep in the garden until I call him in when I go to bed. Now the temperatures have dropped he can be found snoozing on one of the recliners most nights. I tell him when I am ready for bed and he nips out to do whatever needs to be done. He only uses the litter box if he is desperate, he finds the greenhouse much more to his liking.