Friday, September 19, 2014

September Days

Autumn is impatient this year. There are still a few days until the calendar changes the seasons, but the leaves have their own schedule. We don’t get a great deal of variety in southern Alberta when the colours turn. There are few reds, and not so many more oranges. Various shades of yellow are what we get, but it can still look pleasant.

Our problem is the wind. It comes up every autumn and blows all the leaves off the trees. Sometimes, it strips the branches very soon after the green disappears; at other times, it gives us a chance to see some beauty in the autumnal hues. Most of the trees haven’t lost their verdure yet, so the wind is waiting…

The air is still warm and, in fact, the days have been very nice, balmy, of the sort that I would have enjoyed in the heat of summer. Even the nights enjoy moderate temperatures right now. The windows of the house remain open to the screens; I like that, as it means the cats can be entertained by what they smell and hear, as well as see. Soon, they will watch the descending leaves, not knowing that they are signs the screens will soon be off and the storm windows on. But for now, my feline friends will admire September.


  1. Being in New England, we have the total flame out of trees when it happens, and it seems to be slow up here too. Especially since it started in the middle of August..

  2. Did you see the headline that the Old Farmer's Almanac (not to be confused with the Farmer's Almanac) also is predicting a terrible winter? The "T-Rex" of winter, the CTV news headline was screaming yesterday. From the Prairies through to Quebec, mild on the east and west coasts.

    So enjoy the still-warm September days!

    It was 2C here this AM when I left the house--I wished for my thermal layers. I did wear gloves. Mercifully the temps will be back to normal this weekend and next week.

    1. I hadn't read that about the severe winter. If it's a tyrannosaur of a winter, at least it'll eat me quickly and get it over with. The brontosaurs stick around and chew up all your plants...

      These days right now are probably the best I've experienced since spring, meteorologically speaking. My lawn is even green again. Yes, I hope they last a while.

  3. Living in Florida we don't get to enjoy the massive changes of the leaves. WE have a very short "fall" and it is literally falling leaves. But for those few days of color I love it.

  4. The leaves here usually change colour and drop mid to the end of October. This year they have already started to fall, probably because we had a hot early summer, then record breaking low temperatures in August.

  5. Your trees are really lovely :) I am not sure what is happening here :( The weather was unseasonably cold, now warm, trees are dropping leaves and some are turning brown without the normal beautiful color changes. A very strange September this year.

  6. Our trees aren't changing yet, though it's been pretty cool lately. We know it wont be long now before they start to.

  7. It seems to have been a very short summer this year. I love the fall colors, but would prefer it came later.

    The sun room windows are screened, and my cats also enjoy watching the happenings outdoors.

  8. What trees we have don't change colour or drop leaves. I miss autumn but don't miss old man winter.