Monday, June 25, 2018

Farewell to Holidayland

My sojourn in Holidayland is over, and I am back at work today.

It was a very nice holiday. As usual, I didn’t go anywhere. Finances and the cats keep me tied close to home. It has been suggested to me in the past that I could hire a cat-sitter if I wished to go away, but I don’t find that feasible. I have two diabetic cats, each of which receives a different kind of insulin, by a different kind of injection. One must be kept sequestered during the day when I am absent, and during the night; he receives his meals separately. Another cat is so sensitive to most foods that even a lick of an inappropriate dish will cause her to start vomiting, and that won’t stop without medicine from the veterinary; she doesn’t eat every time the others do, so she must be fed whenever she will eat. They are lucky I can’t afford to travel.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my days off. I had time for all the things my job keeps me from doing. There were the chores, of course - chores not too big to finish at other times, but big enough to take up most of a day off, and therefore discouraging to perform with only one or two days available on weekends. I completed ninety per cent of the design work for the upcoming PAW Society calendar, something which takes two to three hours a page, and therefore would use up whole weekends, if I didn’t have my holidays to work on it. And I spent time with the cats, listened to music, wrote, read, watched movies, and relaxed.

Coming back to work, however, merely emphasizes how unimportant a job often is. That’s not to say it isn’t necessary, but I think we must differentiate between importance and necessity; the two are not synonymous. Bosses rarely understand that, which I suppose is why I am not a boss. There are certainly important jobs - but mine doesn’t fall into that category. For me, it provides money to exist (barely) and takes up time that could be spent doing something more valuable. I am not alone in this predicament, of course, though that doesn’t make me feel better.

But for now, it is back to the tiresome routine of Workadayland, and farewell to Holidayland. Just 49 more weeks until I see it again!


  1. I am glad you enjoyed your time at home with the cats and catching up with all the things you wanted to. I can see how difficult it would be to go away somewhere. You wouldn't enjoy it anyway because you would be constantly worrying that everyone had the right medication, and that Cammie would sneak a mouthful of someone else's food and become ill again. A holiday at home is still relaxing as for that time you are your own boss, or as much as the cats will let you be. I am sure they enjoyed the extra time having you there.

  2. Vacations always go by too fast even staycations.

  3. guyz.....we noe ewe N joyed havin dad round az much az him N joyed bee in land iz how ever ya wanna make it, be it travelz ore time way frum de place oh employ iz what itz all a bout.....we iz glad dad had a nice rest/break...we noe everee one iz countin a long with him......♥♥♥ all sew... catfather...due ewe thinkz ewe will get a tern on de harnezz..... ?? ☺☺♥♥

  4. It's always sad when holidays are over, but all good things must come to an end. However, I can appreciate how you feel about leaving your cats. I haven't been away on a vacation in years because I'd miss my cats too much, and I'd worry about how they're doing. (No one takes as good care of your cats as you do, after all.) But you had a great time off, and the best part was that you got to spend time with your "feline family".

  5. Staying home with the cats is still a lovely way to spend a holiday. I stayed home for my three weeks in November and really enjoyed my time - mostly spent staying home in Holly's company while knitting my Christmas gifts.

    I am sure the cats enjoyed your company. I seems you had a very productive holiday getting lots of errands done. I have been off the last couple of days and while enjoying myself did not get many of my chores done as I had promised.

  6. Staying home with the cats can be the best holiday. It sounds as though you got lots of chores done and I am sure the cats enjoyed your company.
    I stayed home for my three weeks holiday in November and enjoyed my days spent with Holly while knitting my Christmas presents.

    I hope you have many good memories of your holiday to think of now that you are back at work.

  7. I have been having many technical challenges with my aging electronic devices - including not being able to access my various passwords and sign profiles. I had to give up and purchase a new laptop. So Holly and I have a new profile. Technology!

  8. I am happy with a staycation too. I enjoy pottering round at home and being able to read or watch a movie at my leisure. In fact I have a week off to relax at the moment and I know the time will pass far too quickly.

  9. Your staycation was wonderful! Just not having to be out the door at 6:35 AM (as in my case) is terrific.

    I completely understand the inability to go away. It's difficult and stressful enough with only two cats, Nicki of course needing Flovent 2x per day and both boys getting homeopathic meds, also 2x (at least) per day. Leaving 5 cats, with so many varying needs and schedules, is well-nigh impossible, even if you had an amazing pet sitter. The worry alone would ruin any vacation!

    There's also something to be said for being in one's bed at night! That's why I love puttering around the city, or taking day trips (used to do that often when I had access to a vehicle, long ago). You get to have fun, see new things, but still be home to manage pets and then be *home* in the evening. :-)

    Anyway, I hope the work week goes well, that the transition back to work is smooth.

  10. I just had a vacation, and I am glad to be back home! I missed The Hubby and The Kitties and My Bed and My TV and My Backyard. Friends are fun, new travels are fun, but Home Is Where The Heart Is...or, in my case...Hearts Are.

  11. Those three weeks flew by! I'm glad you had time to relax, spend time with the cats, and get some of your volunteer work done as well.