Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Stuff of Dreams

Two of the prized possessions for the cats in our household are the cat-beds. I bought them many years ago, and they are wearing through in places. However, I have not found anything comparable to acquire in their stead. (I of course will eventually break down and buy something that none of the cats will ever use…) Every cat loves curling up in them, even the big boys who don’t fit. An advantage is that the heating pads for the beds fit them perfectly.

The pillows, however, have had the stuffing knock out of them, literally. Comprising pieces of insubstantial foam rubber, I guess the contents lose their spring after a while. The interior bag of one of the pillows, the bag that actually contains the foam rubber, burst. The other, surviving bag was intact but largely flattened.

I tried replacing the diminishing contents with towels, but they quickly became flattened themselves and, moreover, hard. Though my beasts sleep on the carpeted platforms of cat-trees, I suppose they could sleep on stiff pillows. But what if they wanted something softer?

I purchased some filling. It is the batting used for the interior of quilts, so the package alleges. Whatever its original purpose, I stuffed the cat-bed pillows with the substance, which is basically the same sort of foam rubber that was in the pillows to begin with. I was pleased to have achieved a kind of success. The pillows are now plump and soft, and will probably remain so for a while. I have plenty of replacement batting, and can, of course, buy more later. At least three cats have curled up in the newly re-vitalised beds and have evidently found them to their satisfaction.

It’s rather nice when an intention’s realisation looks pretty much like its ideal.


  1. You are so thoughtful John! My cats are sleeping in the flattened beds that I bought...oh my, 17 or 18 years ago when Sasha and Silver were just kittens. Shame on me!


  2. Oh, great idea! That worked beautifully, I see from your pics. :-)

    I had a couple of cat beds over the years, which went unused, and even though I'm tempted once in a while to buy another, I won't bother. There are lots of comfy blankets and spots for the boys to curl up. :-)

  3. Those beds look much more comfortable and I am sure the cats are very appreciative of it.

  4. You did a great job with the beds, John, and I know the cats appreciated it. One of my Danni's favorite toys is a small stuffed dog I got when I brought her home. It's about 12 years old now, and Danni still plays with it.

  5. My morning started so well with this! Big smiles here. 🌞 And it is good to keep in the back of my mind for Katie. I wouldn't have thought of it on my own.

  6. I'll have to try something like that, but my purring mob will probably ignore those.

    I recently bought three brand-spanking-new luxurious condos for the cats. Thus far, they have completely ignored them in favor of roosting on top of the plastic bins where I keep my yarn stash.

    There's nothing like a cat for making you feel like an idiot.

  7. Wonderful job! And special recognition to you for realizing if you purchased new beds the cats would most likely ignore then. It’s a wise man who refurbishes.

  8. And then they go off and lay on the hard floor instead...LOL!