Sunday, January 5, 2020

Twelfth Day

Today is the last day of Christmas. Twelfth Day is always a bit melancholy here in the cosy apartment. The decorations must come down, and thoughts turn again to the more secular aspects of January: work, the cold weather – and looking forward to my holidays in June…

Aside from the tree, Yuletide decorations here centre on one of my tall sitting room bookcases. Unlike in my house, and my previous apartment, I have no fireplace now, so the stockings are hung on a bookcase, on the shelves of which are displayed the Christmas cards that people are kind enough to send me.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday and that it brought warmth and contentment. Here, we didn’t do much, but were able to stay cheerful and snug, and our thoughts will now increasingly be of balmy spring weather and open windows. Most of the cats will probably while away the time until then much like this…


  1. We’re taking the decorations down tomorrow, too. The holiday season is always pleasant, but by this point I’m ready for life to return to normal...and long for spring!

  2. Like you, I spent the holidays quietly with the "Fur-kids", which is just how I wanted it. I love your photos, especially the bottom one. It looks like everyone did a little too much celebrating! :-)

  3. It was a cheerful time here as well, and Katie soaked up loves and sunshine while we had it. I am so glad your holidays were snug and warm. And with such soft and loving additions on the bedspread, It had to be extra warm and companionable with the music of purring to lull you to sleep.

  4. We're back to normal here. We'll we're not necessarily normal but the house is.

  5. That is a sweet photo of everyone sleeping.

  6. We skip all the christmas blues by not decorating. We do like the cosy resting on the bed after dinner thing though, and the traditional arguement about the Brussells sprouts, MOL
    Happy New Year

  7. Everyone looks snug and content in that photo. The way they should be. :-)

    The bit I put up came down over several days, and the winter floral arrangements got packed away yesterday. The only thing I leave up are the two strings of warm white mini lights, one in the kitchen and one over the window and patio door. They'll stay up for a while yet, to give the living area a cosy glow on the gloomy winter days and evenings. Already, though, we're noticeably gaining daylight in the afternoons; yay! We just have to get through the next 2 - 3 months and get to spring!

  8. We were away for Christmas so didn't put up decorations. I did hang all our cards up though, and the boys still get more than we do. I do have a battery candle decoration on the table which will be put away tomorrow and the cards taken down.

  9. I took mine down yesterday..Well, the crib
    anyway..that's been up and running since l
    was five years old, l took it over when my
    Mum passed over..! :(.
    But! But! the 18inch pink Christmas tree
    always sits on the coffee table 'ALL' the
    year round, a little shake now and again to
    remove a bit of dust..! :).

    I do miss having a proper tree..with my past
    pussy~cats..great fun..! :).
    HeHe! And whiling away the day on a bed, sounds
    good to me..! For pussy~cats anyway!

  10. The Christmas season certainly gives us all a chance to change things up
    a bit with bright lights and decorations. It is so dark and cold for the rest of the winter. Glad the cats don't care as long as they have comfy beds and heat.

  11. guyz !!!! four oh ewe ..within four inches oh one nother !!! thiz must bee de Christmas miracle dad was hopin for !!! ;) ♥♥☺☺

    1. Yes, that many at once was rather astonishing...