Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Narrow Outdoors

The Felons continue to explore and expand their world. Last night, they discovered the outdoors.

Well, the scent of the outdoors, anyway. I opened the bedroom window a small amount. It was quite cold out, and, generally, I open the window a bit at bedtime for the fresh air while I sleep, but not always before. The kittens were exploring the upper reaches of the bedroom cat-trees, to which they can now climb. They did not react immediately when I opened the window, but then they caught the smells coming in and the hunt was on for the source. Oleo found it first.

They had been but two or three weeks old when they last sniffed the outdoors and, to judge by the sounds they made being transported through it in a carrier to my apartment building, they didn’t much care for the wider world. But now, they are approaching their two-month age, and are ever so much more grown up than they were. The world may be frightening at times, but it is always an object of curiosity.

As well, Oleo and Bisto have graduated to an adult litter-box. It may be considered too big for them - after all, they have to lift a leg quite a bit in order to lift a leg in it, the door’s lip being several inches up - but that doesn’t bother them. When I first placed them in the library, they found the litter-box there and left their business in it. I started providing them with a smaller adult box, and they scrabble in and out without a complaint. This assists me since the new box is not only bigger, so there is less spillage, but hooded. Half the labour with kittens is cleaning up after them, and this is now reduced. Though the Felons are quite clean little thugs as it is, there is nonetheless a bit of relief in the new litter-box for me, as much as for the little criminals.

Onwards and upwards - literally - for the kittens.


  1. Look how big they're getting! They'll be at the curtain-climbing stage soon, if they aren't already. Haha.

  2. MY afternoon and evening is better for having read this. Thank you. Seriously.

  3. Yah, new born size diapers being replaced by pull-ups. How wonderful
    for the dad doing the clean up. And they are still small enough to
    keep the window crack very small.

  4. They are bigger. Miss pops was 8 weeks old when I let her out in the garden supervised. The next day I came home and she had pushed a big box out of the way and found her own way out of the cat door.

  5. The way the felons are growing, you're going to need an extra extra large litter box very shortly.

  6. Ah, the little explorers. It’s so cute to see them discovering the world—or, at, least, the world of your apartment.

  7. Always lovely seeing the little felons..
    Though it sounds as if they've been
    promoted from 'felons' to 'thugs' and
    now to 'criminals'...HeHe! Bless!xx :).

  8. Everything is a new adventure, and I daresay the first time getting into the big size litter box was also an adventure for them making them feel quite grown up.
    A funny story about Eric.
    I kept the litter boxes in the hall and had a bucket in the outhouse which I cleaned them into which in turn got emptied into the horse dung trailer. One day I went to get the bucket and Eric was perched all four feet on the rim doing his business straight into the bucket and cutting out the middleman (or in this case, woman.) He was not much bigger than the photos in today's post so how he got himself up there and balanced is anybody's guess.

    1. That was pretty smart of Eric, and at such a young age, too. It seems that cats are always watching, thinking, learning...

  9. I laughed at the last comment! Cats are definitely smart critters. Love the felons, they are simply adorable.

  10. That is good news about the box and the felons. They really do try to be clean and that is super. Looks like the tree with a veiw is the something to really get excited about

  11. Got his wee snoot in the crack of the window!
    They are quite adorable.

  12. doodz.....ya look bigger in thiz seereez oh snapshotz !!! awesum :) N we iz buzzed glad dad opened de window at dark o clox sew ya dinna hafta suffer...BURD SONG ♫♫♪♪♫♪♫ ☺☺♥♥