Monday, November 23, 2020

Tunnelling Out of Captivity

The Felons were given a day-release on Sunday, and put out into the sitting room for some exercise. They certainly took advantage of the opportunity. They explored every corner of it, became confused in the kitchen, ran back to the sitting room and had plenty of fun.

They discovered the nylon tunnel. This was of immense delight to them. They zoomed in and out, out and in, popped through the side holes, came out the ends, turned and shot back in. They jumped on it and bounced. I think they liked that the nylon had some spring but still supported them. Oleo and Bisto didn’t wrestle or fight in the tunnel, which is interesting. They ran past each other and even managed to leap over each other in its confines.

I’d left Tucker and Neville out with them, putting Renn and Josie in the bedroom. I won’t do that again. Tucker wasn’t bothered; he was up on a dining table chair, and the Felons didn’t discover him there. Neville almost had a nervous breakdown. The kittens were quite respectful of the Nevsky, but he was agitated nonetheless. He will stay safely in the bedroom the next time the babies are on the loose.

But the youngsters had their fun, lots of it. I have been able to place two videos of their antics on Facebook. The one featuring them in the tunnel was initially upside down on Facebook, but that has been corrected. Viewers may derive some enjoyment from the images, though probably not as much as the Felons did making them. (


  1. Oh, the kittens are so adorable!! But poor Neville. I guess he didn't like his peace and quiet being disrupted and didn't know what to make of the Felons. But I'm sure he will get used to them in no time.

  2. They really are a fun bunch and I’m sorry they bugged Neville though.

  3. doodz....tunnelz R de best.....we used ta play with em heer but sum cat we noe whooz name willna bee menshuned getted stuck in it tuna coz oh hiz size...

    neville: eye understand dood...mor N ewe noe ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    tuna of moon ♥♥♥

  4. What fun they had! I would have sat down and just laughed at them in sheer delight. Poor Neville, though! I'm sorry the little ones agitated him. However, I hope the felons soon are able to repeat their big adventure. :-)

  5. They look like they had a riot of a time. So many good photos of them
    to share. They are certainly just energetic tots in the kitten world.
    Sorry Neville was unhappy with the events. And Tucker took it in

  6. I love those videos and smiled all the way through them! I am sorry that Nev got worried though. He probably wondered what all the activity was.

  7. That tunnel video is adorable. It's good to see them enjoying their little adventure, but it's a shame Neville didn't think much of it.

  8. The frantic activity of kittens will make more than cats nervous!

  9. Poor Neville. I hope he's relaxes while the kittens are tucked away in the bedroom. The videos were so much fun, as are those kittens!

    Take care, stay well!

  10. HaHa! Great! Reminded me of the Great Escape
    film..What you get any sleep John..! :).
    Probably when they do..Bless! :).
    Ah! And poor Neville..Bless him..!x

    I don't do social media, Facebook etc..but, copied
    and Googled the link..and followed ALL the links,
    but nothing, just some weird thing about Hugh Betcha..?

    1. Hmm, it should take you right there. Did you try copying the 'address' without the parentheses and pasting it in your address-bar? That takes me to my Facebook 'page'.

  11. Neville...bless you dear boy. XXXX As for the Felons...I could watch them 24 hours a day! So fat and adorable and like a perpetual running machine! The many views of them- and those tummies too...sticking out from their sides like a soft round cloud...oh my goodness.

  12. Who needs a tv when you have kittens to watch! It would be like watching a comedy or even a circus act. I bet you had the best time watching those two.
    I hope by now Neville has recovered, poor guy. How smart for Tucker to go for the high ground with a bird's eye view!

  13. The pics were great. Mine hate the tunnel and ignore it. Nice to see some kitties do like it.