Friday, November 6, 2020

They May Get Time Off for Good Behaviour

The Felons continue to grow and learn, every day, and entertain, at the same rate. They love playing in the relative freedom of the bedroom. They run and climb and jump and gambol.

One thing I didn’t think of, but would have with any adult cat, is bringing a litter-box into the room with them; the door is closed to allow me to look away for a second or two without them escaping into the apartment. Oleo went to the door and started crying. I figured that he needed to relieve himself, so I quickly fetched their box. He used it right away, then went back to having fun with his brother. They are smart tiny beasts, who try their best to keep clean and tidy.

A friend gave them a cushy little bed, which, if they were grown-ups, would have spread when they lie in it. As they are so minute, it nearly swallowed them. But they liked it nonetheless and were very snug in it.

After I put them to bed - they rarely make a peep after the lights are turned off (and I mean that literally: these tiny creatures peep) - they evidently felt they’d had enough cuddling and chose another spot for some of the night. This is how I found them a couple of hours later.

(Katie, do you think Bisto is how you looked when you first learned to monorail?)


  1. Wow! They are smart little peeps. I'm glad you heard him cry and knew what he wanted. That cushion looks perfect for them.
    Have a great weekend, John! Hope your fur family continues to do well:-)

  2. I'm almost melting at the pic of the two of them snuggled up in that bed. ♥

    1. Same here! In this crazy world, I really needed a dose of kitten pictures.

  3. wee doodz !!! de foto oh ewe both in de fuzzy bed iz like de BEST EVER !!! N joy yur parole time, heerz two a grate week oh end two all N we hope dad can chillax thiz week end !! ☺☺♥♥

  4. Oh are way ahead of me, Katie. I was monorailing late at the age of 5! Think of the coveted awards you will win with your always 10 in Monorailing in the next Cat Olympics. I know I will be one of the Judges.

  5. Reading about their antics really brightens up my day, and I look forward to seeing their pictures so much. The one of both of them in the bed is terrific! It looks like they may becoming a bonded pair, so hopefully they will be adopted together.

  6. Oh babies. How funny to find them on the edge of the bath. Miss pops loves sleeping on towels and bath mats.

  7. They look so cute in the furry bed, and are smart to let you know a litter box was required.

  8. I should#nt be looking at these first
    thing in the morning...l'll never get
    to the bathroom..! :(. HeHe!

    And..that top to die for...
    Bless there furry paws..!xx

  9. I love how they just fit inside of that new cat bed. They certainly are cute lying on the edge of the bathtub also even though I can't imagine that being at all comfortable even for a kitten.

  10. John, they are just the cutest! As someone else has said it would be lovely if they could be adopted together. In the meantime it's such a treat to see them grow through the photos.

  11. They are so very sweet. In that first photo you can see how Bisto has really grown. He seems to be pondering the deep cat question of many kittens, should I sleep on that pillow or run wildly about the bed or?