Tuesday, September 12, 2023

A Sudden Thaw

Yesterday, I came home from work to a surprise. I heard a low, heavy hum when I opened the front door, as if a motor were running somewhere in the apartment. It took me a moment to connect this sound with the sight of the open door to the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.

I don’t know how how long the door had been open, but everything in the compartment was thawed. Fortunately, I don’t keep all my frozen goods there, just those that I use often or will use soon. There were also some items that I stored there until they would be moved to the deep freeze. As a result of this little mishap, I will eating a large number of hot dogs over the next few days.

I don’t know for certain how the door to the freezer compartment opened, but I have my suspicions. They rest on someone who likes to lie on the top of kitchen cabinets and periodically leap across the narrow room to the top of the refrigerator.

Someone who, in not quite making the complete jump, might use her rear legs to give herself a push to the surface of the fridge’s top.

Someone who was lying innocently on the refrigerator when I came home, who rubbed her face on my hand as if nothing untoward had occurred. I have my suspicions, but no proof.

I wonder if she likes hot dogs…


  1. Monsieur Poirot, I believe your little gray cells have found the culprit.

    Is there any way to put a lock on that freezer door when you're at work?!

  2. Oh! MY! GOODNESS! Yes indeed. I have little doubt that your suspicion is well grounded in fact. Katie has already sent her a text offering her services as Attorney, if needed. She specializes in food related litigation as chronicled in her blog long about 2015 with her first Client- who ate her kibble and tried to swim in her water.

    1. Since it's a first offence - of this kind - Katie may have an easy job of it. At least her services wouldn't need to be kept on retainer, as with some clients...

  3. Am sure you can feed a few hot dogs to the culprit, and perhaps the other four-legged rascals.
    I see a big bungee cord in the future for the fridge...

  4. Maybe the heat of the fridge caused Imogen to open door for a bit of cool air. A bit too much. Hope you did not have wet food drips on the floor to mop.

  5. Ah, you need a web cam to catch the guilty culprit! :-) It's a good thing you have a separate freezer!

    Twice in the years Nicki was with me I came downstairs in the morning to find my fridge freezer door open. (I do not have a separate freezer.) The first time mustn't have been too long, as the food was okay, but the second time I did lose everything. I was not impressed. I never will know for certain who or how...but I have my suspicions too. :-D

  6. P.S. After the second time it happened, I put a large piece of duct tape on the side of the freezer to keep it shut. There it stayed until after Nicki passed.

  7. Uh oh, I think Eastside Cats are right and you need a strong bungee cord. Enjoy those hot dogs!

  8. Oh no how annoying and frustrating I would have been pissed off if that happen to me but I am a short tempered woman.........lol

  9. I use the heavy duty velcro wrapped around the corner.

  10. I think your suspicions are quite correct. But since there are no witnesses and the other cats aren't talking, will your suspicions hold up in a court of law?

  11. Oh Imogen, if you didn't do it, who did? You may need to invest in one of those baby locks, John. Or get used to eating a lot of hot dogs. :)

  12. You could try to find a childproof lock for appliances. Then that door wouldn't get opened by mistake...
    That must have been unnerving to hear a sound you couldn't immediately identify...until: 'Hi, Dad, I see you're home now. Whats for dinner, Hot dogs??'

    Imogen looks so innocent!

  13. I wonder if all of your crew would like to try a hot dog.

  14. Dearest John,
    Oh, those little rascals, they are up to a lot of mischief...