Saturday, September 2, 2023

The New Comfy

Other cats live here besides Brazil, and they have been clamouring for attention. Well, they’ve been lying about snoozing. Potayto, potawto…

Imogen has found a new spot for making herself comfortable. It’s hard to believe, but she seems to like it. This is a cat, after all, who spends only half her nights sleeping on a bed, while stretching out at other times on the hard tops of bookcases and kitchen cabinets. This is my newest perma-cat, curled up on top of the micro-wave oven. If she could, she would express pleasure that I haven’t yet changed to a sleek, two-pound, over-the-stove, modern model. It takes a 1980-vintage appliance, the size and weight of a Volkswagen Beetle, to provide true relaxation.


  1. Dearest John,
    Imogen knows what is GOOD!
    Talking about 1980 vintage appliance, we miss our 1989 white Sharp microwave that served us over 30 years till last year July that is.
    At times we presume that our kitties love a soft underground but they surprise you when sleeping atop your car in the garage—a hard surface!
    As long as they feel at HOME and LOVED.

  2. I remember my parents first microwave damn that was a good appliance lasted a long time, far longer then modern ones. Animals like to sleep in weird places at times

  3. I laughed. And the microwave the size and weight of a VW Beetle...amen to that!

  4. We had that exact same microwave -but we wore it out. Good for you and Imogen that it still works ! Presumably you remove her when you turn it on, though.

  5. It sounds as though you and I have the same microwave - mine is also the size and weight of a VW. However, my cats prefer to lie on the TV cable box. But that's only problem when they turn off the TV while I'm watching a program. (They're very selective about which shows we watch!)

  6. Imogen and our Manny; love the top of the ancient microwave!
    Ours doesn't even have buttons; it's a dial.
    But it's his 2nd most favorite spot, after the top of the fridge.

  7. HaHa! 1980...And there's me thinking at first glance,
    it was an old what ever you do John..Don't
    leave the door open...Bless!x

  8. Imogen does look very happy with her new spot! My old microwave was a similar size but the buttons were push instead of touch. It lasted years but those days have gone. I have had 3 in the last 6 years! They don't want things to last now, just take more of our money.

  9. My first microwave lasted 17 years, then caught on fire. The new one is much quicker and lighter.

    1. Yikes! If mine stops working, I hope it stops in less spectacular fashion than yours did.

  10. Well you certainly cannot change your microwave now. If the unthinkable happens and it quits working, you'll still have to keep it if Imogen wants to lay on top of it.

  11. LOL. Imogen knows a good quality appliance when she sees it, and is taking advantage of it. I, too, laughed at the reference to the weight of VW Beetle!

  12. I'm as impressed by that microwave as Imogen is. Those were the days before appliances became completely "smart" and completely worthless.

  13. That's funny! Silver used to like to sleep on anything warm, heat registers often, and when I had the old computer monitor that was like an old television, she'd sleep on that. When I went to the flat screen monitor, the poor cat was so confused and went around in circles before she found somewhere else to sleep.