Friday, September 8, 2023


Last Sunday, I wrote about the rescue-group’s attempts to capture the injured mother of three kittens we had managed to trap. I am pleased to write that, between then and now, the little mother-cat has been caught. This is her pictured below; she has been named Emori.

She is pregnant again. She has seen the veterinary who assessed her missing foot (there will be surgery on that) and discovered that Emori is carrying six more kittens, to be brought into the world as early as next week. A small girlcat, not more than a year old, Emori weighs less than 3.5 kilograms (7.716 pounds), and a substantial portion of that is unborn kitten. To feel her body, one can easily determine that Emori is under-weight, and had not been finding enough food to keep going. Without the kind couple feeding her and her offspring (the same couple who contacted the rescue and helped trap the family), Emori likely would have starved. She was, even before they were trapped, showing some hostility to her first litter, which suggested a second was on its way.

(As an aside, Emori soon will have had nine kittens within four months. A feral’s life outside averages six years; if an abandoned insider such as Emori is lucky enough to survive that long, nine kittens, every third of a year for six years, produces 162 kittens. Few of them would have lived long, which is another kind of tragedy.)

However,  Emori is safe inside now, and ready for her second big event. Her first three (we hope they were her first) are also safe in a foster-home: presenting Julien (the orange boy), and his sisters, Klarra (black) and Evelyn (tortoiseshell).

But their advent - and the future arrival of more kittens - has necessitated a re-arrangement among the few foster-homes the rescue-group has, including mine. Consequently, I have received another new cat. Meet Aurora.

She is a four month old torbie; an orphan, she was taken in by the family who were fostering Astrid (readers may recall her and her four). Astrid and one of her kittens have been adopted, while another who, like Aurora, was accepted by Astrid as her own foster-kitten (even as she herself was being fostered) has also been adopted. This leaves three of Astrid’s still waiting for their permanent homes, plus Aurora. They are joined in foster hood by Julien, Klarra and Evelyn. So far…

Is that all clear?

But wait, there’s more! Aurora is the sweetest little creature you could want to meet. She was quite unfazed by her changed world, and didn’t even need to be isolated, since she came from another foster-home, and was ready to come and meet everyone.

Everyone was not ready to meet her. Before Aurora arrived at the Cosy Apartment, I assumed she would need isolation in the safe-room (the library). Though Brazil does not need the library anymore, it is still where he takes his meals. He objected to being fed elsewhere - in preparation for Aurora, I uncouthly suggested the bathroom for Brazil’s dining room. He objected. That and the appearance of the new kitten put Brazil under the bed for the rest of the day.

This is ironic, since he knew Aurora in their previous foster-home and they had played together. I am still hoping they will become friends and take pressure off of Imogen.

On the subject of Miss Silky, she has taken immediate offence to the newest-comer and has retreated to the highest kitchen cabinets.

So we have some work to do with regard to feline relations. I have no doubt that all will turn out well; it is just a matter of time. I do wonder, though, if Aurora might have been re-named Spanner upon coming to live with us. She seems, after all, to be one of them in the works…


  1. Poor Emori, it is a good thing she is now safe. But so many more kittens! Aurora looks lovely and hopefully Brazil will remember her and have that playmate he needs. Imogen is quiet happy just being Queen of Cosy Apartment.

  2. What a sweet newcomer to the apartment.

  3. What a beauty! I read about her on your page several weeks ago. She is as much a beauty and just as sweet as you said she was in that article. I am so sorry that Brazil has once again, gone backward. Imogen, I wish you would just relax. And poor Emori. Poor girl. And the kittens too. Good-- and sad examples of the lack of care by owners turning cats loose, or just not spaying or neutering. It is truly heart breaking for the innocents who pay the price for that.

  4. Poor Emori, she is so young to have had such a hard life. Aurora looks very sweet and will hopefully soon become a friend for Brazil.

  5. Acckk, you have so much news that I hardly know where to start!

    First, I'm so glad Emori has been rescued. It's easy to see how gorgeous she really is--or will be--with TLC, spaying, etc. Her colouring is glorious! I wonder if she has some Maine Coon in her, from the look of her.

    Second, her current kittens look terrific, well-cared for and content. I hope they find wonderful, true forever homes soon.

    Third, goodness, welcome to Aurora! She's a beauty too, looks like a sweetie. I'm sorry Brazil hasn't yet taken to her, but hope they will become friends soon, particularly as you wrote, they were together in the other foster home.

    Last, I hope things will sort themselves out at the Cosy Apartment sooner than later. If Brazil and Aurora form a friendship, then yes, I would hope that alleviates some of Imogen's stress. There's often change in your home and we all know that it takes some kitties (and humans like me!) longer to adapt to those changes. I have my fingers crossed for all!

  6. So some more kittens you are so sweet to welcome her into your home

  7. Poor Emori. I am glad she has been rescued. And Aurora is a beauty.

  8. Dearest John,
    Wishing you good luck in this new family arrangement!
    On Tuesday morning we had a surprise walk–in by a neighborhood widow who 'thought' she was being followed by one of our kitties.
    It was not and it was just a young toddler kitty. She walked on with the kitty in her arms... Let's hope that will get sorted out. We have our own five that are senior kitties, almost 16.5 (the 4 siblings) and one will be 14 in November. With Pieter's high age and my severe condition we absolutely cannot take in more...

  9. Thank goodness for all who went to the effort to trap Emori. Poor girl, she deserves to live the rest of her life being well cared for.
    Glad the kittens are safe too, and Aurora is simply adorable. Silly Brazil. I hope he soon comes to his senses and realizes she is a friend.
    As for Imogen, I'd say she wants to be the baby!

  10. What an adorable wee kitty Aurora is!
    Things will work out; we know it will.

  11. Welcome, Aurora!

    Wow, lots of changes since I last had time to drop in. Good ones, mostly.
    I do hope that Brazil will warm up to Aurora and become good friends; maybe even with Imogen! Imogen and her hissy-fit ways reminds me of our Angel Suki, who was a diva, and thought *she* was the only cat that mattered in our home. She hissed me and gave me the cold shoulder for days, since, when she was about 4 months, I brought in another kittty, Angel took days and weeks even of hissing and whaps before she acquiesced. LOL!

    I sure hope Emori will begin to thrive, sheesh, what a life for such a youngster. I hope her next set of kittens will be equally as beautiful as the other three.

  12. Boy, I feel like Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First". Welcome Aurora! She's just beautiful, and hopefully she and Brazil will become friends since he needs a playmate. But the good news is that Emori and her kittens are now safe and Emori and her unborn kittens will get the medical care they need. It looks like you have your work cut out for you, John. Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing about the latest developments in the saga of "The Cosy Apartment".

  13. There's a lot to unpack in this post! Poor Emori, it sounds like she had an exceptionally hard time of it on the streets. I'm so glad she and her kittens--born and unborn--are safe now.

    It's a funny thing that you should have wound up with Aurora. When you shared pictures of Astrid and the kittens, Aurora was the one who "called" to me the most. There was just something about her that really caught my eye. I hope she and Brazil will be able to renew their old friendship soon.

  14. Aurora's face is so lovely and pleasant as to be poster worthy.

  15. Ah! Bless! Let's hope it ALL turns out o.k.
    It usually does...Does'nt it...! :).

    And poor little Amori...Bless her...Let's hope
    she sorted after her babies..and keep the
    naughty boys away from her...She has such
    a young immature looking face...Bless!x

  16. emori….we bee buzzed happee ewe terned in yur pazz port and ewe R now livin large and in charge off de street…and aurora, we hope ewe
    bringed yur cell ewe lar dee vize …sew ewe can look bak on sum fotoz
    ewe and brazil took two gether…that.mite help him rememburr sum fun timez ‼️🐟

  17. Dearest John,
    Okay, did even comment here but of course did not know about her complete leg amputation then.
    My best friend did bring her 3–legged kitty girl over from Europe. She managed very well on 3 legs and was quite happy!
    Tonight I will start my series of 3 (so far) of my painful rescue of Kitty Spicy in Acapulco (scheduled for April 1).
    Mariette + Kitties