Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Let the Storm Rage

For the third consecutive Sunday, southern Alberta experienced a snowfall. The results have already melted, due to a strong Chinook wind. But there is a prediction of more snow to come this weekend. Sunday was a cold, wet, blustery day - but the cats were warm and snug inside. When I see the beasts curled up snoozing while the weather shakes its fist harmlessly outside, it makes me feel good. I know that there are people and animals who don’t have such shelter, but these ones are secure enough to take their comfort for granted. I don’t resent that. I delight in their obliviousness to danger and harm. It means that whatever else I may be doing or not doing, I’m achieving something for these six.


  1. Miss Josie - you may want to ask Santa for a bigger bed for Christmas.

    Mom says she loves to see us all snug in the winter but her heart breaks a little for those who have to do without....or like our feral Allie girl that just wouldn't adjust to life inside.

  2. Okay, it's far too early for this winter cr*p. Seriously. Could I please just sleep in a comfy, heated bed until Spring?

    My thoughts were in much the same vein this morning, while I was taking Nicki to the vet for his anal glands and blood work. It was very chilly, windchill around -10C, I think, and I couldn't help but think of the stray and feral cats here. I've thought of former stray Toby too, but haven't ever been able to ask if he's still okay out at that farm. He, at least, would have a heated stable!

  3. Wow! Give us some of those white thing!

  4. They all look very cozy and comfortable! Stay warm and safe.