Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Peace-maker

Josie may be a pacifist, but I have the feeling that Renn wants to be everyone’s friend. It’s true that he will growl and, rarely, hiss, but he is often the one who tries to get close to a new cat. Cammie is often voicing her disapproval at his proximity, but he will come near her without any ill intent. I realised recently that I have not often seen him move when another cat settles by him. Here he is on the bed, resting with Josie, who is not a cat who usually welcomes the presence of a fellow feline.

But with new cats, Renn does well. He took offence that Bear-Bear unwittingly usurped his position on the couch in the parlour each movie-night. It wasn’t the BB’s fault, as that is where I set up his little heated bed. Slowly, however, my big boy has been wanting to reclaim his place there, snoozing while I watch a film. This past Saturday, Bear-Bear was very comfortable on his pad, which no doubt felt good on this chilly night. He didn’t want to move, but Renn wished to lie down. So he did.

They stayed like this for the second half of the movie. At one point, Bear-Bear moved onto my lap, then returned later to his bed. But through it all, my big boy relaxed, unconcerned about our guest-cat, and only the end of the movie disturbed them.

Josie may be a pacifist, but Renn may be a peace-maker.


  1. Well, Renn looks pretty relaxed and cosy, especially in the second photo with Bear-Bear. (And hey, at least his butt was warm!)

  2. Awww....the two boys look quite comfy together. Good to see!

  3. Just a quick reply to your comment: The renos are taking longer because I'm almost out of vacation time and will need my final day for the window replacement. LOL. Plus I'm beat, pooped, exhausted. :-p

    BTW, I emailed the drywall guy and told him that while I could recommend him/his company, I wouldn't recommend the product to anyone in a similar adjoining situation, UNLESS they could take the old drywall off to the studs, insulate with Roxul Safe 'N' Sound, THEN put QuietRock on top. Because right now it's only dulled the sharp edges, I still hear them very clearly.

    Frankly, right now I'm so over-tired and so discouraged that I don't even want to bother priming and painting. I feel like there's no point in trying to make my townhouse a home again, because nothing I do really alleviates the problem. And I feel terrible that Dad has spent so much money for very little gain, though I'd never tell him how disappointed in the product I am.

    I'm sure I'll rally and perk up but today I'm just too exhausted.