Thursday, November 14, 2013

Onion Loopy

Cammie displayed some strange behaviour Saturday. I was cutting up vegetables to make some soup and, afterward, I stooped to pet her as she came up to me. She sniffed something on my hand and then flopped on the floor and spun about, as if dancing while lying down. The scent of something must have influenced her: it may have been onions (the strongest aroma) or carrots or celery. I haven’t heard of any of those vegetables causing a cat to be a little loopy, but then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. Perhaps it is just Siamese cats who are so affected. Or just Cammie.

Also on the weekend, I heard Cammie make that peculiar sound that cats sometimes make that is half-way between a cough and vomiting. It may have been an incipient hair-ball. But with Cammie, it was short and striking. In fact, it sounded exactly like the sudden, brief laugh of a baby. Now, you may think that is adorable, but when you are drifting off to sleep in a dark house, with no other human present - that you know of -  it can be downright creepy, an abrupt “Blair Witch Project” moment, especially as it was the first time Cammie had done it.

Just another night with a building full of cats.


  1. Cammie, you're just strange. LOL. Good thing she didn't try to eat any of the onions! I think they're toxic to cats, though don't know the quantity they'd have to ingest. Don't want to find out, either.

  2. Silly girl! That must have been funny.

    I have no idea if onions are toxic to cats, but my Sami (who was found in a garbage bin) will eat onion if I drop a piece on the floor. So far, it doesn't appear to have done her any harm. She'll pretty much eat anything I drop if I don't get to it first!

    Ahh,...the cat things that go bump (or in this case the cat noises). They can be very frightening!

  3. Onions can cause severe anemia in cats. But they're VERY tasty for hoomans... Not sure if want to roll around in them though... ;)

  4. I came to say thank you so much for the visit with loving comments when we lost our sweet boy. So appreciated and helped us so much. Hugs Carol x

  5. That is strange as Toby and Buddy both have been hacking without the fur of late