Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cammie: Her First Full Day Back

Cammie seems to be better today, her first full day back with me. I write ‘seems’ because one never knows with cats; they hide their injuries well, both physically and emotionally. But I think she is doing well.

I did not lock her up during the night. Consequently, Kola – the recently re-named Lola – wandered about crying and talking. You see, he had spent a week and a half sleeping each night where Cammie snoozed last night, on the couch in the parlour. I thought it best to give that spot to the Siamese Princess. Kola still has to find his place here, but that will come. That he attempted to find it in the parlour last night was evidenced by the periodic growls that met Kola’s peregrinations.

Cammie is less growly today, though she still wants all other cats to keep their distance. She allows me to pet her and stroke her, even without me showing her that I am about to do it. That is where we left off. I’m confident that she will prosper more and more each day.


  1. I am glad she is settling back in. It must be strange for Kola as he probably thinks she is the newcomer, whereas Cammie most likely looks on him as being a new arrival.

  2. Not sure if the brief comment I left went through, Blogger issues:

    Yes, Flynn makes a good point. Purrs to them both (and to your "perma" cats!) as they settle in and establish a "new" household order.

  3. Is there anyway you could keep her. I feel so sorry for her. If I didn't already have five purr balls, well, you know ...

  4. Poor dear Cammie. I am happy to hear that she back where she I loved and wanted. I am glad you persisted in trying to reach x. From Jessica and Eileen

    1. Cammie is doing remarkably well, considering. A friend suggested that she would view her previous six weeks as a crappy holiday, and that she'll consider things as now back to normal. I and the others in the rescue-group wanted very much for her to have her chance at a permanent home, so we were willing to try this far-way opportunity. We are very lucky that, though that failed, she was brought back to us.

  5. We're just catching up on how Cammie came back. We purr that she becomes more comfortable with being back.

  6. This is good news. Hopefully she will just settle back in since she feels like she is home.

  7. I'm so thankful that she's back with you. Hope everyone settles down...a cat calling in the middle of the night can't be much fun for you!