Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Time for Thunder Again

Now that we are well into spring, the weather has at last changed. (Ignore today when the temperature dropped to eight degrees Celsius, and I had to wear gloves while bicycling.) The previous days have been warm, and when clouds gather for rain, they sometimes gather for thunderstorms, too.

My beasts don’t care for thunder. I’m sure that’s a common feeling in households all through the Cat Blogosphere. This one was probably the biggest of the season so far and, while it was not that tremendous, we haven’t heard much thunder this year, so the cats over-reacted somewhat.

The boys decided that the bedroom was the safest place. Tucker was under the bed until I coaxed him out, and then he stayed quite flat on top of it. At least they didn’t scurry downstairs to the basement. That is their last resort when afraid.

Josie was unnerved by the storm. She isn’t usually as frightened as Renn and Tucker but, as I wrote above, she may have forgotten about electrical storms from last year. This one may have caught her unawares. Here she is behind the armchair, trying to be inconspicuous, in case the thunder comes calling closer to home.

And here is Tungsten, showing how terrified she is. My little tigress.


  1. I'm the one who is scared of thunder in our house, it doesn't seem to bother the boys much, or at all. They'll get more freaked out by MY reaction.

    Your Tungsten is fearless, apparently. :-)

  2. everyone here isn't too bad during a storm. the little ones freak out at first, but seem to recover pretty quickly when the see the adult ok with it all. now the trash truck....that is a WHOLE different thing. :)

  3. It has to be really bad thunder to bother me, but my 3 seniors are really bothered by storms, Annabelle could care less. MOL

  4. We will pop our head up a bit with thunder but the kind we get is pretty quiet. Except last month when there were Boomers and BOOMERS! Dad said he did not ever think he had heard louder or longer in this area.

  5. Thank goodness everyone here follows Mazie and I and tries to ignore it. We have had a lot this week so maybe it is just desensitization.
    Marty's Mom

  6. Sasha has a tendency to hide, but Sami and Saku appear to be immune...they can sleep through anything.

    Little Tungsten, what a tigress indeed!

    Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!

  7. Those storms are very scary. We don't like them either. Hope you have a great vacation. It probably will be nice just to stay home and enjoy the cats etc. Take care.

  8. We've had quite a few bad storms so far this year. It's quite unusual and I spend it UTB !!