Friday, June 20, 2014

Kola Climbs to New Heights

Kola continues to find his way around the house. His latest discovery is the tall cat-tree in the sitting room. He was a bit afraid of it at first. It is an imposing height, after all. But he noticed some of the perma-cats enjoying the platforms, from which they can look out the window, and the top level, which is, so it seems, quite comfortable for snoozing.

Watching a cat’s thoughts in action is interesting. Kola first attempt to scale the heights involved the back of the near by armchair. Perhaps he figured that one furnishing which rises some distance off the floor would allow him access to any other. He balanced on the back of the chair, but then found that there was a lateral distance involved. He then tried to walk to the cat-tree from the back of the armchair using the window sill. The latter did not provide enough room.

Then, not long after, he decided to make use of the staggered platforms on the tree, and quickly climbed to the top. He has been there several times now, and has added it to his list of enjoyable spots around his new foster-home.

(I like to think that, in the final photograph, he is thankful for his warm, dry perch on the long, wet day we had recently. But he was probably wondering if it was worthwhile climbing down to visit the food bowl…)


  1. He looks like king of all he surveys from up there.

  2. That's a *tall* cat tree! Must be sturdy, if any of your cats take a flying leap to scale it. (The base looks nice and wide--hard to find good cat trees here in our area.)

  3. What an awesome cat tree. It has room enough for many cats!

    It would appear we are having similar weather. Lots of rain interspersed with the occasional sunny break. I hope summer arrives soon!

  4. That is a wonderful cat tree! I bet he enjoys it up there. Yep it looks like you are sharing our not so happy weather.