Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kola Finds His Places

My foster-cat Kola is beginning to find his place here. Or should I write ‘places’?
His first week was spent getting his bearings, watching the other cats and gauging me, the strange human with whom he had landed. Now, he has started to find those spots which he enjoys and those he merely uses for some purpose or another. Initially, when he was confined in the back parlour, Kola used the little house/bed that no other cat has ever used. I thought he may have been too large for it, but most of him is floof, anyway.

He of course found his way to the window, and enjoys sniffing the smells that could come through the screen. This picture was taken before our recent and rare period of several continuously rainy days.

Once freed of his quarantine in the parlour – he’s an easy-going beast, so it didn’t last long – Kola discovered other interesting places about the house. He sometimes slips into the tunnel. I don’t know if he is hiding there or just likes the enclosed feeling that all cats seem to like.

As with Tungsten and Josie, the new boy found the dip between the two cushions on the bed to be rather comfortable. This represented a bit of a bold step for Kola, as there were other cats in the bedroom at the time.

The hammock was a favourite almost from the first, and Kola uses it both for snoozing and just for relaxation. It’s a good place from which to watch events, and to get used to other felines. Sometimes, he simply lies on the floor, perhaps to cool down. Tucker dislikes Kola’s presence, but he is growing accustomed to him, grudgingly.


When Cammie returned to the household, she resumed her usual ‘bed’, which is a layer of towels on the parlour couch, a mild heating pad under them to give warmth, especially when the windows are open for fresh air. I couldn’t deny the Siamese Princess this privilege. I had no idea of what she had for sleeping arrangements over the past six weeks. It left Kola without a regular spot for sleeping, however. So I brushed and washed Bear-Bear’s old bed. It’s thick and soft and undoubtedly warm. At first, Kola was frightened of it. Then I saw him lying near it. Finally, I observed him lying in it as if he always had been there. He likes to snooze there now, and, though I am not sure if he uses it for a bed at night – he does have other options – I know he also has this, his own special spot. I think that’s important for a cat, and they all seem to have one. Now Kola does, too.


  1. Bear-Bear's bed is perfect! Kola reminds me of him in color a bit.

    1. The funny thing is, he make the same sort of grunting sounds as the BB did under the same conditions (ie. if I look at him from around a corner).

  2. Kola is a handsome boy. The ginger splodge below his nose on the left side is almost identical to Eric's.
    It is nice to see him making good use of Bear Bear's bed. He looks very happy there.

  3. So good to see Kola settling in with you. I'm amazed at how easily the other cats seem to accept the presence of the fosters. I suspect my Saku would be too aggressive.

    Glad Kola found his place(s)!