Saturday, June 21, 2014

Not Another One

As you may know from reading this blog, my cat Tungsten drinks water only from a running tap – at least when I am present to run it for her. She refuses to drink from a bowl, if she knows I am able to turn on a tap for her.
Yesterday, I left the tap open for her and, at some point, without me noticing, she got down from the basin counter, finished with drinking, and left the bathroom. Her place was taken by Cammie. The Siamese Princess was, I believe, attracted by the sound of the running water, and wasn’t actually thirsty. Nonetheless, she took advantage of the cold, fresh fluid to fill up.

This was something I did not need: another cat who will drink only from a tap. But, I was relieved to note, Cammie still drinks from a bowl, and has not bothered to ask (or demand) a drink from the taps again. I think it must have been just a whim of the moment that she slaked her thirst at the basin.
Even so, it’s something that she has not done before, and shows that these cats are always learning – always learning something that keeps me on my toes.


  1. Saku prefers to drink from the tap too, while Sasha likes a bowl of water placed in the sink. I thought perhaps a fountain would provide the same movement and while Saku will drink from it...Sasha will not.

    Oh well, we were placed on this earth to be servants to our cats, right?

  2. Ralphie demands that I fill the bottom of the sink in the bathroom every time I am in there. They had a drinkwell but the Lab slobber was too much for it and burned the motor out I believe. Now I just give them fresh water 3 times a day and that still doesn't keep him happy :) Marty runs from the running water.... go figure?