Friday, May 29, 2015


Today, I begin my annual holidays. I love Christmas, but I get only two days (one unpaid) off from work in order to enjoy the season. For my summer holidays, I take three weeks. This is like a second Christmas, but without the Day itself.

I won’t be going anywhere. But I intend to enjoy myself nonetheless. I will of course spend time with the cats, and hope further to integrate Noah, my current foster-cat, into the perma-cat population. Aside from that, I will be taking my ease by doing many other things.

I will be reading books…

And watching movies…

I will be enjoying the outdoors…

And, of course, sleeping…

I will be publishing bits and pieces on my blog, but they probably won’t appear as frequently as at normal times. As well, I may not be visiting other blogs as regularly. Whatever happens, I expect I and the cats will be having a most pleasant time over the next three weeks.


  1. John, enjoy your time away from work, enjoy your vacation weeks, enjoy time spent with the cats, enjoy doing what ever YOU want to do that day. Happy vacation holiday ~~ !!!

  2. Have a FABULOUS vacation! Enjoy. Every. Single. Second.

    Take care.

  3. Sounds like heaven! Enjoy yourself! :)

  4. Have a wonderful vacation John! I'll bet the cats will be thrilled to have you around too.

  5. How wonderful for the cats and you, of course. Noah will especially benefit from having you home. He came to you at just the right time.
    Have a wonderful vacation and do be sure to make it a vacation. So often we get involved with doing things we think we need to do and forget to do the things we want to do. Kiss all of the kitties and give an extra big kiss to Cammie.

    1. I always seem to get foster-cats during my holidays. It must be fate...

  6. Enjoy your break. We are lucky and get an easy week or two over Christmas/New Year and always try to get a week off then. I also get about 6 weeks leave per year - so feel spoilt. Summer holidays are the best though and sounds like you have perfect plans for your days off.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  7. Have a wonderful holiday. It seems to me you have the perfect holiday all arranged and I am sure the cats will be very pleased to have your company at home. Mine are in a week but I am afraid I will be away and will miss my Jessica. From Eileen and Jessica

  8. Enjoy your holiday! The cats will enjoy the extra time with you.
    We go on holiday very soon. It was booked well before Flynn became ill. We cancelled our last holiday in October the day before we were due to leave because I couldn't leave him and he needed us. I worry about leaving him now but our vet has said he is doing so well that there is no reason not to go. He has worked out a contingency plan with us and his "holiday aunties". We did go away for three days a few weeks ago to see how he would cope without us and to make sure his aunties didn't have any problems giving his medication. He did very well and even put on a little weight. I will keep in contact with them every day but will still worry.

  9. Enjoy your holiday!

    NukNuk & Family