Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Noah the Explorer

Noah is a fun cat. He’s young, so everything is an adventure to him. I have been letting him out of the parlour so that he can explore and meet the perma-cats. He’s curious about everything. I’ll let the photographs explain his first day out, beginning with his emergence from the parlour and surveillance of the corridor beyond.

Then, Josie sees the newcomer for the first time.

Noah smells the fresh air carried by the breeze coming through the front screen door.

This is just about what Tucker sees of the new boy.

Then Noah finds a Kick-a-roo.

And then starts climbing.

Here he is either examining my compact disc collection or admiring himself in the reflection from the glass.

Noah is pulling a Tucker and observing Josie.

Then he wanders farther afield. First the kitchen…

…and then downstairs to the library.

There, he seems to be choosing some reading material for when he is once again locked up in the parlour.

Noah’s relations with the perma-cats are rocky at the moment. He has chased several of them up the stairs from the basement. I think this is no more than the habit that Cammie had: a cat noticed Cammie following, and then broke into a run, whereupon the princess did the same and it ended in a chase.

However, Noah is a bit rougher than Cammie. He is not yet a year old and is rambunctious. He enjoys his play-time and has to learn that not everyone plays with the same intensity. He and Cammie have developed a bit of friction, and need to work on their compatibility skills. In the photograph below, the princess most certainly is not aware that our guest is near her.

Noah is a loveable boy who wants more than anything to be out and about in a home, exploring and enjoying attention. He would like very much not to be locked up, and that will come in time at my house, but for now, things will have to move at a pace that is more sedate than he would like. Youngsters are always in a hurry.


  1. Oh to be young again! MOL Noah is finding his feet!

  2. dood...well, if nothin else we hope ya finded sum nice mewsic toonz ta listen two; while reedin a reel lee grate book !! ♥

  3. Look at his tail! Talk about floof. :-)

    We hope the integration goes well -- seems fairly good from the pics, chasing notwithstanding. Even better would be for someone to fall in love with him and give him a forever home sooner than later.

  4. Oh my, I'm sure the older cats are looking at you and saying, "seriously Dad what's up with this kid?" I'm sure he just wants to play...but they might not understand.

    I hope Noah finds his forever home soon; he's an absolute gorgeous cat (yes, I'm partial to tabbies), and he's very entertaining too.

  5. Cammie may see this young fellow as rival for her beloved dad. She knows Noah is a youngster and she cannot compete with him. I hope the added stress doesn't cause a re-exacerbation of her condition. She needs extra love and one to one time,I feel, to prevent her from feeling her position in the family is threatened.
    Noah is a little boy and his behaviour is that of a little boy , both feline and human. I bet he's a total delight.

  6. Noah is just a young mancat and he looks very comfortable exploring your home!