Friday, February 8, 2019

I Sing in Praise of Dull Moments

“Never a dull moment.”

This is a common phrase denoting a hectic or exciting lifestyle. This seems to be my life at the present. But I long for dull moments.

Apparently jealous of the attention Parker has been receiving, Cammie chose tonight to have one of her episodes. For those of you unaware, Cammie will periodically begin vomiting. I have linked this action in the past to a severe food allergy. She may very well be allergic to everything edible but her current food, Z/D. The vomiting starts soon after she ingests any other kind of food, except, perhaps, for kernels of Orijen. This is not ordinary vomiting, as it continues unabated long after she has emptied her stomach. The debris she brings up turns pink with blood, and the spasms she experiences are undoubtedly painful.

The only antidote I have found has been an injection of a drug called Cerenia. Pills have no effect; nor does slippery elm. Therefore, Cammie must be taken to a veterinary hospital. She invariably has her episodes on weekends, often long weekends. The timing of this one is a little better than normal, as I can call our veterinary clinic early tomorrow, and see if they can fit her in before they close at noon. They have, in the past, given her an injection between others’ appointments. The doctors there are familiar with Cammie’s problems, and a few minutes may suffice.

These episodes are very worrying for, now and then, as in this case, they seem to have no discernible cause; they go on until relieved with medicine available only through a hospital, and there may come a time when that medicine is ineffective. Incidentally, my princess’ intense reaction to any food but her Z/D is one of the several reasons I cannot trust others to take care of the beasts during any theoretical absence on my part.

I will call the veterinary hospital as soon as they open tomorrow. I hope thereafter that Cammie’s life, at least, will recede once more into a series of many dull moments.


  1. Oh no Poor Cammie. What drama at home for you.

  2. It's that old expression, "It never rains but it pours."

    I hope you're able to get Cammie in quickly and easily, and that the shot does the trick. Sending positive energy to all of you.

  3. I used to call it "can't catch a break" when these type of circumstances applied to me and Admiral. I dreaded weekends for the same reason.

  4. Oh dear! You just can't get a break, can you? Hope you get Cammie in today. Do you think it might have started by her feeling the anxiety or stress at home? Not that their might have been any, but just a thought.
    Hope you get some time to relax this weekend. You and your brood deserve it!

  5. Is Cammie at the doctor today? Is the medication working for her? While our vet has limited hours on Saturdays we have come to know the "open to midnight, seven days a week" clinic which is not far from home. There is as well a 24 hour emergency vet.

    1. There is a 24-hour a day emergency veterinary hospital in our town, but it is very expensive. My regular hospital will open for an emergency, and I have used that service. It too is expensive under those conditions, but I prefer doctors I know.

  6. It's definitely never dull nor routine at your home. I hope you're able to get Cammie in this morning and she's feeling better soon.

  7. Boy, "Never a dull moment" certainly applies to you. Hopefully by now Cammie has gotten to the vet and she's feeling better. I fully understand your comment about not trusting others to care for your cats. I'm the same way. The last time I took a vacation was the year Elvis died. Meanwhile, hugs and purrs to Cammie. Please keep us posted about how she is doing.

  8. I hope you were able to get Cammie in and the shot starts to work quickly for her.

  9. I hope Cammie feels better soon.

  10. Cerenia worked wonders for my Oscar kitty. I hope Cammie is feeling better soon.