Sunday, February 3, 2019

Raleigh's Tunnel-vision

One of the best things about bringing a new cat into a household is seeing him discover new things. In the case of a former outsider-cat, the pleasure is increased by knowing that he hasn’t previously had the opportunity to enjoy items and activities in which he can now indulge. Watching Raleigh find new aspects of life in the cosy apartment is a delight.

Recently, it has been the nylon tunnel. It is always down on the sitting room floor. It’s not there just for me to trip over in moments of forgetfulness. No, in fact, the cats play in and around it and have even slept in it, just because they haven’t enough spots in which to snooze.

Peachy, however, now enjoys zooming through its length, usually when chasing the red dot. Sometimes, he will continue right through; other times, he pauses half-way down and then fires out the other end when he sees the dot once more. Then again, he will lie in it at the near end, and wait to ambush the string-toy as it goes by.

I like to see such things. When Raleigh settles down in a heated cat-bed, and then decides that it is perhaps a little too warm for that, and jumps up on an armchair for a snooze, I know that he is growing in comfort with his new home. He doesn’t ask permission, he doesn’t look warily about; he chooses his bed and has a nap.

So it is with the nylon tunnel. He has started to use it to help play by himself, jumping on the pom-pom that was, until now, uselessly appended to an opening in the tunnel. He will fight with the straps meant to tie up the tunnel for storage. Raleigh feels at home in the nylon tunnel, because the nylon tunnel is part of his home.


  1. I love reading this about Raleigh. I am so tickled that I am smiling all over my face and half way around my head! How wonderful the he is completely at ease and even able to look for his own enjoyment in the household and not be concerned overly much about the others' opinions.

  2. Raleigh just proves that formally outdoors cats really enjoy being part of a family. How wonderful to see him take his place in the cozy apartment and indulge in the many delights his home offers him. I have a tunnel but neither Holly has shown no interest in it.

  3. I work with aggressive and fearful cats when I volunteer at the animal shelter. And one of the things we work on is going through a tunnel. On the whole, the cats seem to enjoy the activity, and they will follow either a treat or the red laser dot through.

  4. Ahhh. It's so wonderful that he's feeling comfortable in your cosy apartment. Like Katie above, I had a smile the whole time I read this!
    On another note,I still can't get over the size of Raleigh's paws!! But they are adorable just like the rest of him!

    1. Me as well. They are like a panthers paws! Huge.

  5. Aww good on you buddy. Miss Pops had to go to a cattery or 6 weeks, a few years ago. When I asked the owner what she did each day she said that Poppy just sat in a wrinkly tunnel each day for most of the day.

  6. That dear boy! It is lovely to see him feeling so at home and playing.

  7. Awww, this is wonderful! He's integrating beautifully, and it's a joy to "see" him (via your blog) becoming a real house cat.

  8. From such a rough start to now, Raleigh's progress is amazing. He knows where he belongs.


  9. Aww, Raleigh! What a wonderful mancat you are!

  10. dood.....eye hada tunnel for bout 27 hourz...then it waz gived a way coz sum one knot de food servizz gurl pre mackerull dayz getted stuck in it....knot my dam fault it waz made two small frum de get go ~~

    tuna of moon ☺☺♥♥