Monday, March 22, 2021

Cautiously Forward

Things are improving here at last.

Renn seems to have recovered fully from his ordeal of a month before, which started with his dental surgery and continued with his reaction (possibly allergic) to the pain-killer they gave him. He is eating well (as much as he ever does) and, though his fur is still thin in spots, it will likely re-grow. If it does not, it won’t trouble him.

Tucker is currently eating well. He is under the influence of Mirtazapine, however, so that is stimulating his appetite at the moment. There is a possibility that his new kidney medicine is reducing his desire for food; after his respiratory ailment is cured, I may have to experiment with taking him off his kidney medicine and see how that affects his hunger. In the meantime, however, his nasal congestion is very limited. It expresses itself mainly at night, but no longer is causing him discomfort or sleeplessness. Even so, on the advice of a friend, I renewed his anti-biotic prescription just before the weekend, so there would be another week of it, without interruption. I think it is better to have it attacking an infection that is already on its way out than have the infection realise it doesn’t have any more medicine to fight, and try to make a comeback.

Neville appears not to have suffered much from what may have been his brief affliction with Tucker’s illness. His solid waste isn’t - that is, it’s very liquidy. That may be a symptom of what he caught from Tucker. If so, however, it didn’t affect Tucker that way. In any case, the Former Thin Man is eating well and is now talking about his food again, which is a good sign. He took up residence in the cat-beds just before the weekend; as he did when he had his fur shaved, he seems to have discovered that he rather likes lying in them, so he is spending more time in them, which is fine with me.

The important characteristic that each of the beasts is exhibiting is normal behaviour. Renn, Tucker and Neville are acting the way they should. That suggests to me that they are doing well. I won’t become complacent in the fight for their health but it shows that, at the moment at least, we seem to be winning it.

I want to take a moment to thank the generous human (I don’t know whether she’d want her name given) at Meezer’s Mews & Terrieristical Woofs (there’s a mouthful!) for the beautiful memorial badge she made for my Chubs, Josie. You can see it on the sidebar. It is most comforting to know that people who never met my old lady cared about her and how her departure has affected the Cosy Apartment and its residents. Kindnesses like this mean a great deal.


  1. Ah! What a happy~happy read..
    I think l'll tread myself to another
    lemon tea..Yeah! I'm really happy...! :0).

    And the memorial badge for Josie is lovely,
    love the bright colours..really stands out!

  2. I'm really glad things are doing better for everyone.

  3. I am glad everything seems to have returned to normal, and long may it continue to do so.
    It is a lovely memorial badge that she made for Josie.

  4. We are keeping our paws crossed that such improvements keep getting better for all of your mancats.

  5. Ah, this is all good news to read, and yes, long may it continue.

    Ditto on the badge, it's beautiful. ♥

    Yes, kindness is everything. Even something simple and seemingly innocuous can mean the world to the receiver.

  6. Josie's memorial badge is just beautiful, and I'm so glad to hear that things are getting back to normal at the Cosy Apartment. May the improvement continue!!

  7. I too would cherish such a badge for my cat. It is beautiful and kindly made. I am fond of Josie and Cammie and my eye always get tp them when I visit.

  8. Wonderful to hear the 3 man cats are so far on the road to feeling like
    their regular selves. And how sweet and lovely a gesture of the badge of
    Josie. It shows how you have friends everywhere, even if not in person.

  9. what a lovely remembrance of beloved Josie! I'm so happy to learn everyone is on the mend and doing well ... for now... which is all we can hope for.

  10. It's so good to hear that things are, at least for now, going satisfactorily for everyone. May that continue.

    And the new badge is indeed beautiful.

  11. I am glad that Renn, Tucker and Neville are feeling so much better. What a relief for you.
    It was my pleasure to make that memorial card/badge for you. I like to make those little 'love' tokens to help comfort those that grieve. I do miss some when I am busy with not blogging things, but I try to keep up as much as I can with those I come in contact with, either through my blog or those of others...

    Have a good week ahead, and I pray that your fur family will keep on keeping on.
    Sending hugs and POTP!

  12. We are so glad that things, for the family, are headed in the right direction. Having sick kitties is so wearing as you keep thinking of them every minute as you see their changed behavior. When they get back to normal it is like you can again take a breath. Continued purrs for health for all

  13. That is certainly good news. Keep it up kitties, your dad could use a break.