Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Old Cats, Old Habits

I’ve long said that cats are creatures of habit, and that they will maintain their routines forever - until they don’t. Sometimes, they change what they do, and other times, they won’t.

I noticed this during the weekend, watching Renn. He was lying on the rug between rooms in the apartment, probably waiting to turn up his nose at whatever I offered him to eat. He was lying with his front legs over a Kick-a-roo. He often does that.

It reminded me of a picture I had taken years ago. Below is a photograph from 2010 of a three year old Renn, lying on my slippers in our first apartment, even before we moved to the house. I chuckled at the time that he lie in such a manner. I no longer keep my slippers on the floor, but there are plenty of toys lying about, all ignored, and some approximate the size and shape of slippers - or the slippers approximated the size and shape of some toys.

Sometimes, cats change what they do, and other times, they don’t. Whatever made Renn feel in his youth that this position was comfortable is relevant today. There is something to be said for old habits, especially when retained by old cats.


  1. The kickeroo looks like a pretty comfy pillow of sorts, though I'm not sure about the slippers. Perhaps he just liked that they had your scent. :-)

  2. It has always fascinated me how cats become fanatical about doing a certain thing in a certain way...until, for no discernible reason, they stop and do just the opposite.

  3. Renn looks the same in the photos, hard to believe they are 11 years apart. He appears comfy in both and enjoying every minute of it. Funny how a cat can have a habit that practically never changes, besides the habit of potty box and sleep and food! Those don't change unless there's trouble brewing.

  4. Yes, we do keep those habits going as long as possible, it's comforting!

  5. I agree with Lynn that Renn looks the same in both photos. It is hard to believe that he is now 11 years older. Cats are resistant to change - at least until you think you have them figured out, and then all of a sudden they surprise you.

  6. Sounds right, Sasha's habit of waking me about 6:30 in the morning is a habit I wish he would break. I'd take him napping on top of toy anyday.

    Take care, stay well.

  7. They do have funny habits. As a kitten Flynn liked to get into a box of tissues that is always kept on the bed headboard. As he grew and couldn't fit, he would lie on the box with his front legs in it. When a new box appeared he would pull some tissues out (a lot of tissues actually) so he could get his legs in. He did that all his life.

  8. The mystery of cats is endless. THey will gather around me at night for a week and then go off to sleep in different rooms. They will eat every flavor canned food I offer for a week, then refuse for a day. They will eagerly chase tossed kibbles one day and then act like it is made of sawdust the next.

    They are probably all insane, but who cares?

  9. I loved that when my brother visited and left his hat on the bed, poppy was instantly in love. She also had a thing for my dads pajamas when he tucked them under the pillow when he visited. It must be a smell thing.

    They seem to have their favorite habits and then it all changes.

  10. Cats devise their own way of doing things, that's for sure!

  11. I think the most favourite photos
    in recent years, is cats asleep or
    sitting on lap~tops..just stopping
    the owner from being distracted and
    not paying enough attention to them!

    Last weekend l received a DVD that my
    daughter got me..from 1977..The Uncanny..!
    It is a horror film, in fact it's three
    separate films all about pussy~cats..it's
    on line and runs for 1hr 25mins..


  12. I have noted habits right from the first cat in the family. Sameness is a comfort to them and a condition they share with many humans who also don't want their cheese moved. (that old book title; "Who Moved My Cheese?") I don't like mine moved...never did and neither does Mom really. She's one of "those", she doesn't like change. I think she may be a Tonkinese, judging from her markings. I DO know she's bossy.

  13. Our Rumpy likes to lay over things like that and we feel that is why he likes his Armoire. He hangs his head over the edge keeping an eye on us all lower creatures

    1. That's funny: Renn likes to hang his head over edges, too. He looks like he's going to choke himself! I used to call him my 'hang-dog'.