Friday, May 7, 2021

Good News from the Library

There is good news from the Cosy Apartment’s library this morning: Portia both ate and used the litter-box. The fact that she consumed some food is a relief for me - just as the visit to the litter-box was probably a relief for her - as it forestalls the danger of fatty liver disease, which may ensue if a cat doesn’t eat after a couple of days. Syringe-feeding her at this point would have been impossible.

Now that she has taken in some food, I can slowly introduce a better quality nutrition. To tempt her, I used only that with which she was familiar; I didn’t want anything to put her off. She has never eaten soft-food, her previous people stating that she always turned her nose up at it. But if there is one thing I am used to in the care of cats, it’s offering a wide variety of fare in order to entice them to eat better. (The fact that it’s rarely worked is immaterial…)

Using the litter-box is also important, of course. She both wet and pooped. The litter in the box is the same as the perma-cats use (corn-based) with a prominent, though relatively small, amount of the clay litter to which Portia is accustomed. There is nothing wrong with that sort, but it is more convenient to have her use the same as the others. And her use of it in this case suggests that switching her to another, when she is adopted, will be simple.

Rather more difficult will be getting Portia to trust me. She hides behind a bookcase most of the time, but when I come in and find her out, she will seemingly encourage me to pet her, coming up close to me, and even lying down, permitting me to stroke her head. Then she will hiss and, this morning, she swatted at me. My new house-guest appears to be of two minds about me, but I am encouraged that part of her wants some attention. I think this aspect of her presence in the Cosy Apartment is a matter of time. Now that she has eaten and used the litter-box, there is nothing that is chronologically constrained, and I can leave it all to her as to when she will trust me. I don’t think that will be too long in coming; in any case, I can wait.

(The photograph is rather terrible, but when she was closer, I was trying to pet her, and the lighting is that of a still-dark morning.)


  1. See, she's already falling for your charms! Not completely, but inching her way...

  2. I'm sure that once Portia realizes how wonderful all the amenities at the Cozy Apartment are, she will settle right in.

  3. Ah, good progress already! ♥

  4. Portia has to be lonely for her humans and she will eventually see you
    as the new person to care about and for her. Good news on the food
    and potty.

  5. Every little bit of progress is a good thing, she is a cutie!

  6. I'm sure Portia will soon learn to trust you. I can imagine it is hard not to reach out and attempt to give her some petting. She's so pretty!

  7. That beautiful girl will be yours to pet and enjoy in a week.

  8. The calico giving you "the tail" appears to be quite a normal reaction !

  9. We are glad Portia is beginning ta ajust. When I (Laz) arrived here I was used to dry kibble and pine pellet litter. Neither of which was the standard den habits. I got used to the scoopable litter OK (when ya gotta go, ya gotta go). And TBT was very gradual in getting me used ta "Stinky Goodness" which I now love. But in consideration, we do get a kibble dinner about 5 PM every day. I still do like that.

    1. Nice to read, Laz. I would like Portia to fall into line with the other beasts but of course I must make allowance for her differences, and cater to them, too, just as your dad has yours. She has her likes and dislikes; I don't want so much to change them as to find them.

  10. Yes! That is great news..!
    Trust will come, just a matter
    of time, and not very long by
    the sound of it..Bless!x

  11. I am glad that Portia is starting to settle. All the changes must be so puzzling for her.