Saturday, May 8, 2021

More Steps Forward for Portia

Portia continues to adjust to her new situation, slowly. It must be a wrench for her. I have observed in the past that being taken out of even a disadvantageous environment is a severe wrench, if it was a familiar environment, and can result in great homesickness. And there is no evidence that Portia’s previous home was a bad one. She was undoubtedly content and comfortable there. And now, suddenly, she is here, among strangers.

But she has eaten, and used the litter-box. She is gradually allowing me to touch her more, and more often. And last night, she ate soft food for the first time here; the first time ever, according to what her former people said. (That's the empty bowl in the picture.)

My new house-guest is making progress. It requires time, of course, as many readers have pointed out. Now that Portia is eating, and using the litter-box, she can have that time. Neither of us is in a hurry, and growing accustomed to her new home will be at her pace, as will be trusting me. For now, as you can see, she remains rather suspicious of the new human in her life…


  1. Was this previous home the only one Portia has known? If so, I can see why it would take her some time to adjust.

    1. She had lived there for six or seven years, I was told; before that, with that person's daughter. But since they have revised their estimate of Portia's age - which may be ten years - she was probably there longer. It may be the only home she remembers, certainly.

  2. She really is adjusting nicely, it's a lot for her with everything being new.

  3. Portia seems to be doing quite well in her new home. I think you'll find that each day she'll become more and more settled.

  4. Poor girl. It's unfortunate that her previous living arrangement wasn't the best, but fortunate she's with you, as you'll give her the time and space to adjust. I'm certain your patience will be rewarded...especially if you keep feeding her the soft food. :)

  5. Ahh, she's discovered the pleasure of "stinky goodness!" Hopefully the food will win her over in the end. :-)

  6. It looks like she really enjoyed the soft food and is settling in well.

  7. I think it is wonderful that she was given for another adoption at this
    point in her age instead of simply opening the back door and giving
    her the boot. But after 8 or 10 years with the same family, one way
    or the other, it has to be a shock to her being with strangers.
    It certainly sounds as she is getting a little more at ease as she
    tries to figure out what is happening. If only we could speak
    cat and explain to Portia.

  8. That soft food ain't so bad, huh Portia? We are glad you are making progress, and beginning to settle in to the Cosy apartment.

  9. We are glad to read that Portia is adjusting. It can be so hard for cats sometimes. My own newest cat Laz had real troubles, but his first Gotcha Day this week showed a real improvement in attitude and calmness from just a couple months ago.

    It seemed to happen rather suddenly. As a Human, I might say that cats have limited memories and when they fade, they are gone. But I also had a cat from a pet store who was terrified of plastic bags (maybe where dead cats went?) all the 16 years of his life.

    We barely understand them. I sometimes think that they can live with us at all is amazing. I'm sure glad they can though.

  10. Seeing the photo, l did'nt realise
    what a big pussy~cat she was, she
    looks really nice, especially with
    those colourings..!

  11. I am so glad Portia is settling in and that she knew kindness before you met her. I am sure she did or she would not be adjusting this well.

  12. Rome wasn't built in a day, and no doubt Portia will soon fall for your charms!

  13. We have a feeling that there will be many more small steps but Portia will be secure in a short time all things considered. We wish you a Happy Mothers Day for your Mom and Cat Dads and Moms no matter where