Wednesday, May 26, 2021

My Fashionable Salon

I haven’t seen either Sable or Arliss for weeks. Sable has a history of disappearing for long periods, but Arliss hasn’t done so, though I haven’t known him for a year, so he may have taken up with Sable and they are both roaming in other parts of town. I hope they are safe, and together.

The soft-food is eaten each night, but very late, too late for Sable or Arliss’s usual habits. I suspect it is Beaumont, whom I have seen around. He is a night-owl, if one may describe cats as such. Orlac the raccoon, who has not been by much lately, doesn’t care for soft-food.

But - and the Trout Towne Tabbies may want to cover their furry ears - my newest diners at Cafe Cosy have been arriving by air. I think they are starlings, and they love the hard-food I leave out (for cats, actually) and will empty a bowl in an afternoon. They come by in small flocks, hang about by the food’s shelter, have a nibble and fly away, only to return for more. I think they view the cafe as more of an open-house, a fashionable salon of the eighteenth century type, where friends may drop by, have refreshments and then leave. I hope their conversation, which they have continually, is of the proper standard.

They may steal my food, but the birds do provide entertainment for the cats. Their programme is just long enough: by the time they are finished feeding, the beasts inside are tired of their dancing and discussions. The diners may be insulted that they have an audience for their meals, but they can consider the perma-cats as the lower classes, watching them with envy. What the perma-cats think of that is probably best left untranslated.


  1. It sounds like a win - win situation to me. The starlings get to eat a nice lunch or dinner and the perma-cats get to watch "bird TV."

  2. We have blue birds that steel our feral food every single day!

  3. Your three cats don't even have to buy a theater ticket to see live
    entertainment. Wonder if they are thinking of applauding or booing
    the show. Or maybe something else entirely.

  4. It's a good thing the birds and the cats are all aware that there's a nice thick pane of glass between them.

  5. Our neighbor had birds living in their attic, so Da Boyz and Sweetie get good eyefuls of birds close by.
    I would feed birds, since I'm trying to feed the butterflies, bees, and bats with native plants, but am afraid that The PO'M may decide I am providing take-away, despite his bowls of gushy food.

  6. I will enjoy knowing how this goes. And what Portia thinks. I know it is was Katie, she would be in hysterics.

    1. Katie doesn't like any species trespassing in her kingdom.

  7. Starlings or grackles - either are thieves. On the other hand it makes for interesting cat television.

  8. As they provide a good bit of theatre for the enjoyment of inside patrons is well worth their salaries. If the outside audience becomes aware there may be a bit of a change in the plotline

  9. Bird TV!! That is a prime channel around here...well it was, back in the day...
    Blue Jays steal peanuts for smaller birds, around here. (As well as coons and squirrels)!

  10. It does make good TV for the cats. The starlings have discovered the fat ball feeders. At first they couldn't get at the contents but now fly up and keep flapping and pecking at the same time. The fat balls are emptied daily whereas before they lasted a week for the small birds. At least the starlings haven't managed to access the peanut holders yet.

  11. CATFATHER...... ******* *** ******** **** ****** SO THAT ********
    ****** * **** ****** BEE COZ **** ******** ** **** **** **** BURD
    FAAAAAAAA ~~~~~~~~~~~~

  12. I do not mind bird TV and I do not mind squirrels.
    I am not partial to other cats(though I have lived with them).
    That being said, I seldom see other cats.
    Purrs, Julie