Thursday, May 6, 2021

Welcome to the Madhouse

Portia arrived yesterday at six in the evening. The poor girl was scared and confused, and probably is this morning. During the evening, she alternated hiding and lying in the open; she allowed me to pet her but would hiss at me, as well. She doesn’t trust me, but neither is she terrified of me.

It turned out not to be the most propitious day for her arrival. The knob on my apartment door stopped working on the inside: it wouldn’t turn the latch, and I couldn’t open the door. I had to leave through the door to the concrete ditch and come around again. I could get in to the apartment but couldn’t get out. I and the resident manager replaced the mechanism; there was the pounding of hammers and the whirring of electric drills.

Then later, about ten-thirty, when all was quiet, I heard an explosion of anger and violence from the bedroom. I rushed in to see Renn having a spirited argument with a strange black cat on the other side of the open window. Tucker jumped up on the cat-tree to see what was going on and Renn turned his anger on the roly poly. The two of them ran out to the sitting room where Tucker took it out on poor Neville. It took a few minutes to calm everyone.

Then later that night, both Renn and Tucker threw up at different times; I had to clean up their results, with lights on and noises of moving about.

I didn’t hear Portia during all of this; she must have been trying not to attract notice in this madhouse to which she had been brought…

But this morning, she was lying on the bookcase under the window, looking out. I feel sorry for her. She’ll have a much harder adjustment to make than did Xanadu, or the Felons; even Jessel, during his temporary stay with me, had the advantage of coming in to safety from the outside. Portia will miss her home for quite a while, I suspect. In time, I hope she will realise that her new residence isn’t quite as crazy as it seems.


  1. Oh, gosh, her start hasn't been the smoothest! However, she looks pretty relaxed in those photos, so I hope it won't take her long to adjust. ♥

  2. Poor girl. However, from what I've seen, most cats adjust quickly to new surroundings when they're treated with kindness and understanding. I hope that will be the case with Portia.

    1. And how is your new boy adjusting? What did you settle on for a name?

    2. He's as happy and purry as can be, especially when I get up in the morning. When he sees me going to the kitchen cupboard to dish out the cat food, he's practically delirious with joy. I fear Ernie still isn't wild about sharing the house with another cat, but in general they get along surprisingly well. Faux tries very hard to ingratiate himself with Ernie, and everyone else for that matter. He's so obviously grateful to have a home, it's downright heartbreaking.

      And, yes, I've settled on "Faux." I've called him that for so long, I can't think of him any other way. Although, I sometimes call him "The Bear" because, well, he's built like one.

    3. It IS heartbreaking that someone like Faux wanted so much to have a home. And now he does; no more fear, no more hunger, no more uncertainty. What a wonderful feeling that must be for a fellow like Faux.

  3. That was quite the wacky day for everyone. Hopefully the calm and quiet will prevail.

  4. Poor girl! At least that has hopefully got all the crazies out of the way in one day, and peace will reign again.

  5. It does sound like a lot of excitement for Portia to be introduced into.
    Of course, that's the way it is, quiet the day before and now quiet the
    day after. If only you could explain it to her. She is lovely and I
    hope she'll find a forever home soon enough. We always feel for the
    ones that must be uprooted like Portia.

  6. Poor YOU. That's who I feel most badly for. I feel badly for Portia in particular however among the cats, but at least she knew the drill when she heard the boys at their (loved the term) spirited argument with the mocking upstart beyond the safety of the glass door! It's his fault, and I hope the boys got him told so between telling one another off for daring to be in the room whilst the black mystery mancat's ancestry was being heatedly discussed by Renn.

  7. I'm not sure who I feel sorrier for - you or Portia, or maybe the perma-cats having a strange black cat trying to invade their territory. But all things considered, Portia looks pretty relaxed in her pictures, and I'll bet that she will settle in a lot easier than you think.

  8. "It never rains but it pours" as they..
    Hope everything works out o.k.

    Portia will be fine as soon as she meets
    Neville as has a chat with him..HeHe! Bleess!
    Oh! And good luck..!

  9. Portia is a beauty, and despite the rather rowdy situation at first, we know that you will be able to gentle her, John!

  10. Gorgeous girl! I see there is a newer post, perhaps things have settled down somewhat? Hope so for everyone's sake.

  11. She is a pretty girl and although she saw a lot of craziness she will settle in. We are sure exposure to your gentle ministrations will let her know she is welcome. Referred aggression is always troublesome and we hope that settles down quickly. It usually does with the older generation