Sunday, February 6, 2022

I Think I Was Set Up

Last week, I saw on the internet this image. The implication of course is that we shouldn’t become upset over the messes (or bother, in general) that our pets cause because, aside from the animals not causing it through malice, we will regret the absence of those messes when our pets are gone.

That very day, I came home to find that Hector had knocked down a roll of toilet paper from a shelf in the bathroom and torn great swathes from it. He had also pulled the bathmat from where it was draped over the rim of the tub and gouged pieces from its foamy underside.

What could I do? I picked Hector up, rubbed his head, cleaned up his debris and prepared the cats’ dinner. But I can’t help feeling that somehow – I don’t know how – I was set up…


  1. Oh! John..As we all know, it happens,
    not the first time, and maybe not the know what pussy~cats are like
    if they see anything dangling down....
    HeHe! I'll say no more..! Bless! :).

  2. Cats are the experts at doing that.

  3. Of course you were set up, John. Hector is very intelligent. Undoubtedly he saw the article you mentioned on the internet, and it gave him a few ideas.

  4. Ha! The image is true enough, but that doesn't discount the effort it can take to clean up the messes. LOL. It's good that Hector was full of beans, though! :-)

  5. The graphic is true enough, but the damage can be true too, and I don't think any of us enjoys having our home torn into shreds. We deal with it the best we can and hopefully avoid most problems by heading them off, but sometimes things happen and all you can do is pat your furball on the head and clean up the mess. :)

  6. Toilet paper is too expensive, Hector. And without the foam the
    rug will not stop the water and you'll get wet paws. But your mug
    shot looks so innocent.

  7. Yes, we all miss those special scenes when nobody makes them any more.

  8. Yes, I'd rather have litter kicked out of the box all over the floor than none.
    In answer to your question about our sometime outside visitor cat Willie: have no idea if he has a home, and he doesn't always eat the food that I put out for him. There must be other folks in the 'hood that are feeding cats, and that's great, but if you feed them, you must fix them: my motto!

  9. We suppose you are right, John. Sorry to hear about the demise of the TP and bath mat. But in the end, you and Hector got some special time together, and at least that is a win.

  10. Our Benji took our bath mat, ran outside with it, and tore it iin half!! LOL!
    Minko once took my underwear, and dragged it through the length of the house to the front door...not sure what else he intended to do with it, cause he was not nearby when I found it later, LOL!

    MJF took our trash can apart once while we were at a symphony concert...we found little bits of foil all through the house, we had burritos before we left, and we think the scent of our trashed leftovers was too much to ignore. The one and only time he did that in his almost 16 years with us!

    Of course we have come home to a confetti of shredded books, destuffed toys and a ruined pair of shoes...but like you say, temptations and they are opportunists.
    I think you were not so much set up as given a new set of thoughts about the things our furry rascals do when we are not looking.

  11. Oh that saying by Dr. Seuss is so accurate. Just looking at the spread of toys all over the my house and how much floor space they take is annoying most times. However, the memory of taking them all up when Admiral left me is just as intense while recalling it, as when it actually happened. Bring her back, tears flowing...never mind the mess and trouble. So, when I have another Katie hork to clean up...even her grandstand multiple ones until she's empty...I know it is a small price to pay for kitty snuggles, little cold noses on my mouth..whisker tickles and a crushed chest in the night, toys brought to me at night and special sounds to hear, just for me.

  12. That is very true. I would love to see toys scattered around again and wet food flicked over the freezer if it was an unwanted flavour.

  13. There is truth in that image, though at the time of the necessary cleaning, it doesn't always loom large.

    Last night, Saku horked up a huge hairball (which I'm sure was a relief to him) all over the rug in my living room. I wasn't fast enough to toss him on the laminate flooring instead.

    1. I keep a cat-food box (the kind that is actually a half-box, resembling a box's lid) in each room, and if I hear a cat preparing to let lose, I grab it and try to reach them before they throw up. Paper plates work well, too.