Saturday, June 18, 2022

The Poker-face

Cats’ faces are very expressive, as anyone associated with cats will know. Their faces are probably a principal reason why we anthropomorphise these animals so strongly; it doesn’t help that much of the time when we assign emotions to certain feline expressions, we are probably right in our assumptions.

Take a look at this one.

Though Minuet remains for the most part in the library, she does venture out now and then. When the beasts are finished with their meals, I often leave remnants in a bowl near the kitchen for Hector to come by and clean up later. He almost always does. I leave the bowl by the kitchen because, its contents being made up of different varieties – the leftovers of others cats – they may not agree with Madame, and I thought her unlikely to come all the way to the kitchen to sample them. I was wrong.

Twice now, Minuet has come out of the library, spied the bowl on the floor and come over to eat. I was hesitant to remove it from her reach, as I did not want to discourage her in consuming what food was placed before her. I took a chance and let her eat. So far, there has been no adverse reaction. At least from Min.

Neville was another matter. Perhaps astounded that our oldest inhabitant was walking beyond the library, he evidently could not believe his eyes when he saw her. I was too late to record Minuet’s ‘al fresco’ meal, but not to capture what Nev thought of the episode.


  1. Ah! Poor Neville...something else to store
    in his little grey cells...Bless!x

  2. I love the expression on Neville's face. You're right - cats do show their emotions. No wonder they don't play poker!

  3. Ha! Neville's poker face is as good as mine would be, if I played the game.

    BTW, I'm impressed that Minuet came out and sampled leftovers, plus kept them down!

    1. She has a choice of two hard-foods and she keeps down three selections of soft-food, but enjoys one of the latter quite a bit more than the others. I'm always looking for more choices, so a little more experimentation will confirm that she can eat others.

  4. Poor Nev, it looks like he can't believe his eyes!

  5. "My goodness, your Grace, you should have called me, the butler, to bring it to you."

  6. I see the "wut the heck" look in his eyes.

  7. That really is quite the tell-all face!

  8. That face does indeed say "What is SHE doing out here!? Is she going to do this EVERY DAY"!!??!!

  9. Neville' s side eye that you showed us a few months back was truly one of the funniest things I have seen! I can't recall what caused his concern now...

  10. Good for Minuet to keep the food in her belly :)
    Not so good for poor Neville wanting his snack.Oops!
    Purrs, Julie

  11. Oh, man, that's hilarious. Neville is such an expressive guy.