Wednesday, June 28, 2023

No Purrs for Percival

I am surprised I didn’t write of this before.

Percival is a happy little fellow for the most part. He likes to play, to look out the windows, to have his chest and chin rubbed. One will know when this fuzzy guy is happy. But one won’t know by hearing it. Percy doesn’t purr.

He has been with me almost three months now, and I have yet to hear him purr. I can feel him do it; his throat vibrates with the tell-tale signs of gladness, but there is nothing audible. The closest he comes is when he is having his neck and chin rubbed and his head is right back; he then emits a series of little puffs out the sides of his otherwise closed mouth. And that’s it.

I thought initially that Perce didn’t know how to purr. But he is a naturally good-humoured mancat, and it’s hard to believe that he would have lived as long as he has without learning. And the motive is there. Just not, perhaps, the motive power. He may have a physical defect about him that prevents purring. Who can say?

The important thing is that Percival is usually in a good mood, usually pleased with life, usually happy. Under such circumstances, whether he tells everyone or not is immaterial.


  1. I've occasionally known cats who don't audibly purr. You "feel" them do it, but not hear it. It's one of those scientific mysteries, apparently.

    By the way, I hope things have calmed down between him and Dabney.

    1. Dabs keeps stalking Percy; when he lunges at him, it has not resulted in anything more than a loss of fur, but I am afraid more will come. But it isn't like that all the time.

  2. If you Google "a silent meow," you'll find several reasons why cats will appear to meow without making a sound. I wonder if Percy does that with his purr. Or perhaps he purrs in a frequency that is above the scope of human hearing. But it doesn't matter - the important thing is that he's happy and healthy.

  3. My Silver was like that too, I don't recall ever hearing her purr. In her case, she wasn't a very happy cat - only liked Sasha, disliked all the other cats, so perhaps she never had any reason too.
    But Percival is so obviously content and happy in the Cosy Apartment, it does seem there is a physical reason for him not audibly purring. What a cutie!

  4. Well now, Percy...we are all sending lots of purrs to you and your fellow kitties; maybe you'll get one or two caught in your throat.

  5. My Robin didn't purr the last 4 years of her life. She was deeply loved, waited on, just loved to goodness and back...but feeling her purr was it. No sound.

  6. Another endearing quality for Percy. I love that photo of him looking out the window.

  7. I love Mr Percy. Please give him pats from us.


  9. That pic is adorable. My cats have all purred, though Derry's was very low/soft most of the time, as was Chumley's. No matter, as long as Percival is happy--as he seems to be--it certainly doesn't matter.