Monday, November 3, 2014

Cats and Candy

I am not a big celebrant of Hallowe’en. In its modern form, it is far too commercialized and conventionalized for me, and I have no affinity with its original pagan form. However, children enjoy it, and I like to give out candy to them because I recall being a youngster and disliking the people who were home but refused to give out treats at their houses. Besides, when there are few children, I get to have whatever candy they don't.

The cats’ reaction to the evening varied. Tungsten, of course, disdained to react at all, and spent the whole time in her heated cat-bed. The night was a pleasant one for the end of October, so there was almost no chilly draught from the door being open so often. But she is old and likes the warmth of her cat-bed at any time, so she is certainly not going to bother making a fuss over such nonsense as giving out candy to strangers.

Renn doesn’t like people coming to the door. He quickly warms to them after they arrive and, if they stay a while, he will often come and lie beside them while they sit on the couch. But this to-ing and fro-ing unnerved him a bit, so he remained in the bedroom. Josie too stayed there, but because she has a habit of checking out the door whenever it is open. She would go outside if she could. So she kept Renn company.

Kola too is a greeting-cat, and his fondness for coming to the door to see who is entering is why he was banished to the parlour for the duration. He was quite excited by it all and had his lasers on, to give the best show for all who were coming.

Cammie normally gravitates quickly toward whatever noise or ruckus is in the making, but I think the continual ringing of the door-bell frightened her a bit, so the Siamese princess took refuge on her tall cat-tree in the bedroom.

The cat who surprised me was Tucker. There was a time when he would hide at the slightest intimation of a newcomer. But he has been growing bolder - in that respect, at least. A visitor some weeks ago remarked that the roly poly sausage didn’t run and hide when she came in. Indeed, he is standing (or lying) his ground and braving whatever may come his way. So it was on Hallowe’en. Repeated ringing of the door-bell did not drive him to seek cover and, though he did not appear enthusiastic about the whole evening, he kept me company in the sitting room.

So it was not too bad an evening for all concerned. Children had fun, the cats were not too alarmed, and I got the leftover candy.


  1. They did well! Annie and Chum never seemed to mind the doorbell, but I'm one of those mean humans who doesn't give out candy anymore. It's not worth having Derry literally sick with fear, or having to listen to Nicki try to tear down a bedroom door and meow his fool head off to get out (I'd have to lock him up). So no leftovers for me! (Just as well. LOL.)

  2. I bet the left over candy was the best part but it is fun to see the kids all dressed up. We don't get any tricksters around here which is a good thing. All the cats would have been long gone. Have a great Monday.

  3. Glad to hear everyone had a good time!

  4. This was the first time in many years that the mom wasn't home on Halloween to hand out candy. So we didn't have to deal with all those noisy kids. :)

  5. I Iove Halloween! Simply fun - no pressures, no gift buying, no cooking, no unwanted get togethers to attend, no expectations. I love to carve pumpkins and decorate with an autumn theme. We don't get trick or treaters here. Where I used to live, church groups would bus kids from unsafe neighborhoods onto my street and I'd easily have over 100 kids. My cats are blasé about front door visitors. "Bell? Been there done that.
    (Yawn). When do we eat?"

  6. Sounds like a good evening all round. Flynn gets very nervous of strangers, but luckily we live too far out for trick or treaters to knock on our door.

  7. ,Sure does sound like a winning situation all around :) The Girls and I had to go hide at my parents since all the bell ringing and costumes really upset Mazie which in turn upsets the two Puffs, so I watched The Hitchhiker's Guide and they all dozed. No candy :(