Friday, November 7, 2014

The Thanks I Get

A short time ago, I put the storm windows on my house, in preparation for the coming cold months. I wrote about it on this blog and joked that the thanks I received for working hard in the blustery chill was to be ignored by six cats all ensconced in warmth and comfort.

But in reality, this is why I do much of what I do. Pets should not have to worry about being cold or hungry. As with children, if our pets don’t take warmth and contentment for granted, then we, as their protectors, are doing something wrong. Adults have to worry, about themselves and about those under their care. The price we pay for independence (or as much as society allows us) and responsibility is consciousness of the disaster that waits to overwhelm us if we do not constantly strive to stave it off.

It’s true that I would have to work at a job even if I didn’t have cats. My own survival would depend on it. But much of what I manage to snatch from under the daily grind goes to the cats. I come home and they start demanding food almost immediately. I scoop their poop from litter-boxes in a manner that, in terms of human waste management, went out of style a century ago. I play with them and give them their medicines and arrange my time around their needs. And then, when I am done my chores and they are satisfied, they fall asleep in soft beds.

A week ago we had our first snowstorm of the season. This was the scene outside.

And these were the scenes inside. This was the thanks I got for all my efforts: the storm windows, the feedings, cleaning bums, waking up at two o’clock in the morning to run drinking-water, carting thirty pound bags of litter home on my bicycle and spending my savings on their health.

And I could not be thanked better.


  1. This is such a wonderful post, it makes my heart feel full.

    I gripe out loud every day with the constant needs of the boys, wonder what else I'd do with my time if most of my non-office hours weren't devoted to cat care, and vow never again. Yet when Nicki's feeling really good and tearing around the house, or when Derry has the zoomies, or when both are curled up sound asleep, I look at them and am so thankful they came into my otherwise dull little life. :-)

  2. They are so incredibly adorable - you are to be congratulated for doing a great job with them. I love looking at photos of contented cats. How heart-warming.

    Thanks for commenting on my blot

  3. You know what they say (whoever "they" are). Love is being owned by a cat. And you have an abundance of love in your home!

  4. A happy purring and content cat is the finest reward for our love and effort. Because of Jessica's many health problems I always enjoy the sound of her eating her food. I tell her that I go out every day day to earn her money. Your cats look so content. Even with SNOW. From Eileen and Jessica

  5. are wonderful. Of course you do it for them. They give so much in return, without question. As I say this I am typing with one hand, holding Chloe Jo with the other. See? I understand! Hug.

  6. It's 0224h where I am and I've just finished passing out snacks. So back to bed for us all. It's 58F outside now-cool for us- the heater is on, the tummies are full and the cats are already settled in. Life is good.

    1. A full tummy, a warm bed and a peaceful sleep are good for cats and humans alike.

  7. Ah yes. The effort we put in to keep the wolf from the door and the odd tin of food in the dish. I am a bit farther along the tree of life, possibly anyhow, so also think about putting a bit away to care for the furs when I finally get to stop the daily grind. My crew gives back in buckets also. Life is good
    Dad Pete and Timmy

  8. All that contentment is worth every bit of effort :) I love it when I see my kids all curled up and happy. Have a fantastic week!
    Marty's Mom Kelly

  9. Glad that your lot have warm and toasty beds to curl up in, and is all worth the effort when they are tucked up and have their sleepy faces on.

    Julie and Poppy Q