Monday, August 10, 2015

The Ice Cube Cometh

As it turns out, Renn is not the only cat in my household to have a fascination with water. Noah (perhaps fittingly, given his name) also likes to mess about with the liquid, though, to be honest, it has to be water with a special attraction. In this case, it was a cube of ice.

The temperatures here have risen again, so I have been putting ice cubes in the water-dishes. The ice melts quite quickly and, while I was hoping that the addition, as long as it lasted, would provide some amusement for the cats, I didn’t think it would, really. Mine are a lethargic bunch. My big boy probably would have studied the phenomenon, if he had had the energy to leave the armchair where he was stretched out like Superman flying through a summer sky.

Instead, the new boy hurried over when he saw me slipping something into the dish. He was intrigued and puzzled. There was clearly something floating in the water, but he had no idea what it was. He tried fishing it out with his paw; he tried biting it. It proved elusive.

Noah is a smart cat. He peered at the ice through the glass of the bowl, and attempted to seize it from underneath. It was only when he decided that there was nothing for it but to tip the bowl over and empty the contents that I intervened.

The photographs are a bit blurry as he was in motion for most of the time. I think they convey the events, however. As you may perceive, the wonder of the world astonishes not just human children, but cat-children as well.


  1. we have big heavy ceramic dishes to avoid the whole "flipping it over thing" :)

    mom put a big chunk of ice in one of our dishes over the weekend. most ignored it - except Daiquiri who came over, stared at it, whapped it, and walked away.

  2. That was very smart Noah, to just tip the bowl over when there is something strange floating in it. Looks like you had a great time with the cubes. You all have a terrific day.

  3. There is a video circulating on FB where someone fills a balloon full of water and creates a large round ball of ice and gives it to their cats. It is so funny!

  4. Oh My Cat that is great! You just never know what will strike the fancy of a feline!

  5. Ha! You can almost see the proverbial wheels turning in his mind. :-)

    We wonder if he's a "Tricky Nicki" in the making -- i.e. forever getting into things and trying to figure things out. :-)

  6. P.S. Have you tried adding a few ice cubes at the same time? :-D

  7. This sounds like fun!
    We need to get Mom to put an ice cube in our water!
    Noah looks like he is having a blast!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  8. He really is a very clever, curious boy! Good thing he has you to help entertain him otherwise, just imagine the shenanigans he would get up to left to his devices. From Eileen and Jessica

    1. I do leave him to his own devices during the day (when I'm at work) and night (when I'm asleep) and, even though he's locked into a room, he still gets into trouble. Sigh.

  9. We wanna see his face when that cube finally disappears. ;)

  10. Funny Noah! I've put ice cubs in the water dish a few times, but none of my three seemed too interested. I now have a fountain and I've never thought to put ice in it but at least it's probably tip proof.

    My Shady used to love to drop her toys into the water dish. I don't know how many times I fished a nip toy out of the bowl in the morning. I wonder if it made the water taste better?

  11. Noah is a funny and very inquisitive boy! Eric was always fascinated by water and anything in it. I had to turn the fountain off at night to prevent the motor burning out because he would scrape all the water out of it ending up all across the kitchen floor.

  12. I just had a look at my You Tube to find the link to the video of Eric and the fountain.

  13. dood....well, thiz iz one time when we can say we R glad ther waz KNOT a de dish !!! high paws for havin de sense ta tip de bowl over !!! HOORAY !!! ♥♥