Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Courteous in Her Displeasure

There was something positive about the visit to the veterinary on Monday. It was actually a double-date. Cammie went with Tucker and me. She is still very reluctant to have me cut her claws. I was able to get two of them, but thereafter, she was on to me, and was very resistant. So, off to the veterinary hospital she went, too.

The princess was attended to by a technician (her 'lady-in-waiting') while the doctor saw Tucker. I stayed with the roly poly. I was worried about Cammie being away from me during her little procedure, but when she was returned, the technician informed me that there had been no problem. It was stated that Cammie “didn’t like it, but was very nice about not liking it.” That’s my girl.

She is such a surprising little creature. When it was initially time to go into the carrier for the trip, she was, of course, wise to what was about to happen. She made a dash for the high ground (ie. the taller cat-tree in the sitting room) from which I would have been able to pry her only with great difficulty. So I grabbed her as she was half-way up. She screamed her anger all the way to the carrier, yet she did not struggle. She was going to have her sharks’-teeth claws cut and could have disembowelled me with them, but probably didn’t even think of using them, never mind actually do it. Once in the carrier, Cammie cried now and then, but otherwise was wonderfully co-operative.

When she returned home, she had a good soft-food dinner and relaxed on the bedroom cat-tree by the window, watching the sunset’s glow. She was forgiving in her attitude toward me.

Considering all that she has gone through, and what she could do, Cammie's forbearance is remarkable. I know I’ve written about this behaviour before, but she gave me a bit of good news in an otherwise discouraging day, and she deserves credit for it. Thank you, my princess.


  1. all scream and no bite....gotta love it (sounds like Ivy - I warned the vet last time - she sounds like a hell cat but has no inclination (or brains enough maybe) to do anything other than curse)

  2. As sweet as Annabelle is she will not let me cut her nails either. But at the Vet's she sits quietly they trim them. ^sigh^
    Glad all is well with Cammie.

  3. Hi John - I have missed a bit here and went back to catch up. I`m sorry t hear about Tucker. My daughter`s cat, Hugo, is diabetic and he is doing very well with his one shot a day of insulin. He has dry food for diabetic cats and also a soft food recommended by the vet so he`s happy there. It took Jess a little time to get used to giving the shot but she is a pro at it now. Stay positive and I think it will all work out. As far as Cammies' nail-clipping I would try cutting one nail a day.

    1. I'd read that dry food is completely out for diabetic cats, but if there is diabetic dry food then I will be asking the veterinary about it. Tucker likes his dry.

  4. Cammie has come such a long way since the day you got her! So glad she's becoming more trusting! She is quite the "diva" but that's what I love about her!

  5. Cats are very good at surprising us. Flynn screams all the way to the vet, but once there he is quiet and very well behaved. I have only trimmed his claws occasionally since he became ill. Before that he used to keep them short but sharp with his tree climbing and walks. Even though it was 14 years before I clipped them for the first time, he just sits there and lets me do it.

  6. You've yet to know what a real treasure Cammie is. She'll show you over and over the fruits of your kindness and patience, just wait.
    Had to chuckle a bit. Sounds like my Alfie. Screams the house down like a cat possessed but never bites or scratches or attempts to flee for that matter. Just sits there and screams!
    I'm glad Deb posted to you today. She's got lots of practical knowledge about diabetic cats. She'd be a great resource for you.
    Your Tucker remains in our prayers. Hope he's feeling better. Please kiss him for us. Love to all.

  7. Sweet Cammie, I love the attitude!