Thursday, December 17, 2015

Josie at Square One

Josie’s visit to the veterinary hospital was inconclusive (read: waste of money). A sample was taken of the lump and, though it showed nothing harmful, the doctor informed me that it may simply have been that not enough material was gathered in the procedure. I could take my Chubs back for a second sampling, but that may yield just as little.

She does need a dental. Her mouth is not as bad as Tucker’s, which has been left untreated because of his diabetes, but it needs work, too. So, once I and the beasts are established in the new residence, I will make an appointment to have Josie’s teeth and gums seen to and, simultaneously, have the lump removed. I will have it sent away for analysis; that will cost extra, but I will save something in having two surgeries performed at one time. This is the theory. But I want to know if the nodule has been produced by anything sinister.

Josie does not seem to be in any discomfort. She is eating well, purring a great deal and enjoying her spots at the window and in a heated cat-bed. She also has her spot very close to my head at night, on the bed. She likes to occupy the location whether I am facing her or not. With my Chubs pinning the bedclothes down on one side, and Renn on the other, it makes for a tight fit. But I’d rather have the beasts with me than anywhere else.


  1. Hoping everything goes well with Josie. I miss the little things of having a cat. I still sleep with one leg pulled up as that is where our cat Linus slept for nearly 20 years.

  2. Darn, we are not big fans of that inconclusive diagnosis either.

  3. I wonder if it's like Derry's two cysts, that fortunately turned out to be benign. Fingers and paws crossed that when you have hers removed it won't show signs of anything untoward.

  4. josie....coz him haz plentee ta spare & him iz willing ta share; we will ask R pal St Francis ta send sum good blessings yur way....we hope ewe contimew ta feel fine & be...josie ~~~~

    heerz two a mustache triggerfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  5. Was this the new vet for Josie? If the vet did not obtain an adequate sample,they should be willing to re-do without additional cost when they do her dental.
    Poor darling Josie.

    1. No, the new vet wasn't there, even though I'd requested her. This one seemed adequate but no more. I think I may insist on the new vet next time, just to see how she is.

  6. Hopefully as nothing harmful shown in the sample, even though it was very small, the lump will prove to be benign.

  7. I'm sorry they weren't able to come up with a diagnosis.. hopefully at the dental it will give you more information. At this point it would be important to make note if it changes in size at all.. and hopefully that doesn't happen.